Creating Kids That Care: Kickstarter Campaign Launched To Raise Funds For Educational Book Series

Disappearing bees, picking up trash, and being kind to the environment are just a few of the topics covered in a series of eight educational storybooks featuring the adventures of B.B. McBee.

Online PR News – 12-November-2013 – Palm Desert, CA – The character creators, Palm Desert, CA residents Mark Wasson and Randi Storm, recently launched a 32-day Kickstarter campaign to help raise $14,900 for the production of the book series and stuffed B.B. McBee toy.

B.B. McBee is the star of a series of children’s books. He lives in Enchanted Garden along with his friends, promoting his belief in protecting the environment, being kind to others and having good values.

B.B. McBee’s motto is to “Fly Right.”

Promote the ethical treatment of all beings and the environment through love kindness and respect.

The brainchild of Wasson, a long time environmental supporter, B.B. McBee was created to “Promote the ethical treatment of all beings and the environment through love, kindness and respect.” This mission statement is exemplified throughout the series of eight storybooks written and illustrated by Storm.

“In our ever-changing world, young children need positive role models and can learn at an early age the importance of taking care of the world in which they live,” said Wasson. “B.B. McBee was created to do just that, in a fun, entertaining way.”

Through the adventures of B.B. McBee and his friends, the storybooks highlight the importance of protecting the environment, picking up trash, and water conservation. The books also cover topics that assist parents in teaching their children about feelings and every-day life issues.

In an effort to make B.B. McBee a reality, Wasson and Storm have developed a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to assist in the publishing of the book series and the production of the stuffed bee, which they plan to produce in the U.S.A.

Kickstarter is a crowd funding mechanism that helps fund creative projects through donations from online supporters. Companies offer rewards for contributions. B.B. McBee incentives include t-shirt, hat, flight jacket, signed storybook, stuffed bee and a week stay at a condo in Palm Desert, home of B.B. McBee.

Projects that reach their Kickstarter fundraising goal receive all the money pledged. If the goal is not met, no dollars are collected. Since launching in 2009, 4.9 million have pledged $820 million to fund 49,000 creative projects.

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B.B.McBee was created to become a lovable character that everyone will enjoy and learn from. B.B McBee’s main goal is to serve as a role model and highlight ways of helping our environment. We also hope that through our series of storybooks featuring B.B.McBee, we will encourage parents and children to spend time together. Storybook subjects will help open the lines of communications for families to discuss difficult topics and to embrace life experiences.

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