JewelryThis Revolutionizes Jewelry Industry with Launch of Online Marketplace for 3D Jewelry Design

JewelryThis is an online marketplace for 3D jewelry design. This a unique site because jewelers from all over the world can upload their 3D designs and sell them, and jewelers and jewelry manufacturers can browse 1000s of designs, purchase and download them.

Online PR News – 11-November-2013 – Tel Aviv, Israel – The 3D jewelry design site, JewelryThis, is now up and running and is ready to revolutionize the jewelry industry. This site is an online community for jewelry professionals and designers where they can share, sell, and buy designs, communicate and share ideas. JewelryThis makes it possible for jewelers and jewelry manufacturers to have access to 1000s of different and updated jewelry designs from designers all over the world, download them, and then produce them.

Dror Habusha, founder of JewleryThis, explained it this way: “The JewelryThis website makes it easier for jewelers to find amazing new designs and designers. It’s a smart and efficient way to do business and you get stunning results”. Jewelry designers also benefit from JewelryThis because they can upload their designs and gain exposure to jewelers all over the world. Habusha also emphasized that JewelryThis is more than just a marketplace for jewelry: “It’s a community for designers and jewelers where they can share, follow, learn, and discuss ideas.”

JewelryThis is in its beta stage and developers are eager to make the site attractive to all its users, so they’re happy and open to receiving input and feedback:>. JewelryThis is one of the first of its type, so its future looks bright and shiny indeed.

The JewelryThis website is an online community and market where jewelry designers can upload their 3D jewelry designs and sell them worldwide. JewelryThis is in the process of building one of the largest databases of jewelry designs on the Internet, and we believe JewelryThis will revolutionize the jewelry making process. JewelryThis was launched November 1, 2013.

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