Big Brother Hot Celebrity Party Success

BB Devoted Cult Following Stronger Than Ever

Last Ever Big Brother Party Exclusive

Darnel Swallow Woos The Crowds

Online PR News – 29-June-2010 – – The Embassy Night Club in London was bursting at the seams on Thursday with former Big Brother house mates, X-Factor favorites and familiar faces from Britain's Got Talent. Fans and club enthusiasts gathered at Mayfair's popular hot spot to dance the night away and rub shoulders with the celebrities. Norfolk model and presenter Ann Marie Woodyatt (Miss Marie) covered the event backed with a team from AMP News and Take2Video Productions "It's fantastic to be here" said Miss Marie "It just goes to show you how popular these events are. I'm here to find out why people are so fascinated about Big Brother and why contestants put themselves forward for programs like BB and Britain's Got Talent"

The event was hailed as the unofficial last ever Big Brother Party but after reviewing the response and views from fans It's far from it. Big Brother may be coming to an end leaving behind a massive cult following that will go down in entertainment history with Star Trek and Batman and Robin. The lovable monster that the program has created raised it's pretty head in a euphoric night of defiant celebration, song and dance.

Party host Billi Bhatti shrugged aside recent tabloid bombardment and said it's all part and parcel of being in the public spotlight "I'm delighted with tonight's turn out" he said "My main concern is to make sure the evening is a great success and everyone has a good time" Recent reports that popularity for Big Brother was dwindling seemed a far cry amongst the barrage of media photographers and enthusiasts waiting to enter the building.

The X Factor contingent was out in force the most popular characters being the one's that didn't even make it through the next round. To find out what made these first round retreats so popular we asked Robert Unwin an English chicken factory worker who auditioned for the British music talent show. During the audition he sang covers of The Bee Gees song 'Tragedy' and Aqua's 'Barbie Girl'. "Just by having a few minutes on X Factor can have a huge impact" laughed Robert "It's what you do with that valuable exposure afterwards that makes the difference"

Another likable party celebrity was the unmistakable DJ Talent, Anthony Ghosh a part time DJ most widely known for his appearance as a semi-finalist on third series of the ITV1 television show Britain's Got Talent. Talent is noted for the excessive amount of bling that he wears, which includes several gold chains, rings and a full set of gold teeth costing £7000 in total. "Appearing on such a big TV show has changed my life really" explained Talent "I get recognized wherever I go, It's quite surreal"

Best dressed Celebrity goes to Big Brother heartthrob, Gerry Stergiopoulos who was sporting an outrageous but stylish Napoleon military costume. Gerry grew up in Greece but finished his studies at Edinburgh University where he took three degrees in History of Art, Classical Archaeology and History. He captured the public's attention on Channel 4's Big Brother and recently released a book called 'Treat them Mean and Keep them Keen' "Its so good to be here and see friends I haven't seen in years" said Gerry "Big Brother certainly had an impact on me and helped me express myself in way I couldn't before. It's not always about seeking fame, I felt more rewarded achieving personal goals"

The musical highlight was Darnell Swallow's live music slot, popular as ever and a real dance floor filler. Darnell was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, but at birth he was whisked off to the USA and was brought up in St Louis, Missouri. After getting involved with US gang culture and narrowly missing a long spell inside he was deported back to the UK. Darnell is mostly remembered in the Big Brother house for coming up with the tune 'Cookie Love' about Kathreya Kasisopa's penchant for biscuits.The Albino singer has since proved his worth away from BB with a string of highly polished music video productions "Oh man" exclaimed Darnell "Big Brother's ok you know, only if you have the initiative to rise above how the program wants to portray you for the sake of ratings. I would like to think it was the other way around and I used the program to project my true talent when I left"

Kathreya Kasisopa, from Kent, but originally from Thailand, was a massage therapist when she entered Big Brother series 9. Kat was the first person on the dance floor and truly lived up to her bubbly persona and infectious giggle "Life's a big party" she said "You have got to make the most of it, I enjoyed Big Brother, it changes your life for all the right reasons if you remain in control"

Who says It's only the winners from reality programs that make it. Of course the only difference is they do it the hard way long after television contracts end and they are left to work it out for themselves. Those that survive will inevitably be around longer than some of the actual winners.