Colorado Background Check Company Offers Free Screening to Non-Profits

With the number of predators on the rise in the US, Lakewood based Employment Background Screening of Colorado launches program to help nonprofits protect their client base with free and low-cost screening products.

Online PR News – 11-November-2013 – Denver, Colorado – You don't have to look far to find news accounts of predators that use their volunteer position to gain access to their targets. One Lakewood, Colorado based company intends to do what it can to prevent these terrible events. Employment Background Screening of Colorado ( has launched a program to offer free and low-cost background checks to nonprofits and charities that deal with children and at-risk individuals such as the elderly or mentally challenged.

"Unfortunately, many smaller organizations do not have the budget to conduct proper background checks on the people that volunteer," says Chris Bray, company president. "This creates a very large risk - not only to the people they serve, but to the organization itself, which is responsible for ensuring the safety and well being of those they serve. Just as companies and corporations screen employees to ensure the safety of their work forces and their customers, so should a volunteer organization of any size."

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there are over 740,000 registered sex offenders. That’s 1 in every 420 people in the United States, with a population just under 314 million.

"In a perfect world," Bray says, "We find that every volunteer has a clear background. But national crime statistics suggest that when you're dealing with this many people, there is a likely chance that there is a predator in there somewhere, just waiting for the right opportunity”. According to The Denver Foundation’s Inclusiveness Project report, 74% of Denver area residents volunteer their time, and nearly 100,000 volunteer annually. When you compare those numbers with the national crime statistics, it suggests that out of 100,000 volunteers – about 240 might have an issue. Bray adds, “And when you factor in those that cheat and steal from the people that they're in contact with, the chance for harm is even worse. Certainly, a person who has a history of larceny shouldn't be left alone, caring for an elderly person that may be suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia”.

The program was launched in October, 2013 and offers either free or low-cost screening services to non-profits and charities. For more information on the program, visit or call 303-233-3080 for more information.

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