Finnish startup announces an NSA proof messaging app

FoilChat Ltd, a Helsinki-based Finnish startup announced today its “NSA proof” messaging app. Encrypted with strong algorithms on both ends, foilChat will provide a safe and convenient way to communicate for any individual or organization concerned over their privacy.

Online PR News – 11-November-2013 – HELSINKI – FoilChat Ltd, a Finnish startup announced today its “NSA proof” messaging app, surprisingly named as foilChat.

“Orwell was an optimist. As 1984 is starting to look like an instruction manual to NSA and other government organizations snooping our online lives, we felt that it’s time to fight back”, states foilChat CEO Henri Heikkinen, a known libertarian activist and blogger in Finland.

“We started developing foilChat because we felt that our own privacy is getting more and more compromised. After the infamous Prism scandal, we knew that we were right and added couple layers of tinfoil to our hats”, foilChat CTO, Eero Vainionpää says.

Encrypted with strong state-of-the-art algorithms on both ends, added with a couple non-disclosed tricks, foilChat will provide a safe and convenient way to communicate for any individual or organization concerned over their privacy. It is meant for everyone, from your local herb dealer to dissidents planning to overthrow a dictator – or to a dictator worried about dissidents and foreign agents.

“We didn’t want to make an application for only those who put tinfoil in their underpants. In addition to being the most secure app there is, foilChat also has all the eye candy and all the bells and whistles expected from a messaging app these days, added with a couple of tricks from our sleeves. Being Finnish, we wouldn’t dare to publish anything but the best”, Heikkinen says.

In addition to “industry standard” image sending, emoticons and group chats, foilChat features a “channels” feature, which allows people to anonymously chat on mutually interesting topics, organized by tags.

For those sending messages drunk and then instantly regretting it, foilChat gives an option to delete a message from the receiver. People playing secret agents can send self-destructing messages for each other. Voice messages and VOIP will be added in the near future.

The app will bee free for download but users will be able to pay extra for additional layers of tinfoil and extra goodies.

“Our department of silly hats is working hard on photo filters, stickers and other dumb stuff to strip users from their extra cash”, Heikkinen smirks.

In addition to selling digital goodies, the company plans to monetize by offering a separate - ridiculously expensive - enterprise version to companies, governments and third world dictators.

foilChat is technically a startup, but a small team has been developing a secure messaging app as a skunkworks project for the last couple of years. First public version will be released for all relevant platforms in the beginning of 2014.


Foilchat Ltd was founded in 2013 by Henri Heikkinen and Eero Vainionpää. The company provides secure communication tools for individuals and organizations concerned over their privacy.