Asset Protection Insurance Agency Introduces Real Estate Investor Insurance Plans

Asset Protection Insurance Agency is launching a line of comprehensive insurance plans for real estate investors that will protect their hard-earned money and help them grow wealth more successfully.

Online PR News – 11-November-2013 – Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles, California - Investors across the country are choosing real estate as a vehicle in which to place their time, effort and money in the hope of realizing a great return. As the housing market continues to recover and home values continue to climb, buying foreclosed or distressed properties and rehabilitating them is becoming a great way to earn large amounts of cash quickly. Known as "flipping," this practice has been popularized on television home and garden shows and is catching on with serious investors as a rapid turnover method of wealth management.

However, until now real estate investors have struggled with the issue of empty property and how to insure it until it can be renovated and sold. Many insurance companies are reluctant to issue vacant property insurance due to liability and vandalism issues. Asset Protection Insurance Agency is bridging that gap by underwriting policies that cover real estate investors from the day of purchase to the day of sale, including the rehabilitation period during which liability may be at its highest.

The Real Estate Investors Program at Asset Protection Insurance Agency allows investors to cover all properties in one convenient, affordable policy. Billing can be done monthly with no interest to avoid the problem of trying to reconstruct ownership history. If the real estate investor prefers, he or she can also pay quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Both individuals and corporations are eligible for insurance, and APIA offers a choice of deductible options to keep costs at a minimum.

Real estate investors who choose APIA will immediately receive proof of coverage and can choose up to $2.5 million in physical hazard coverage per property, including damage by malicious mischief or vandalism, loss of rental income, flood damage and terrorism coverage.

When it comes to investment property insurance, there is no better place to go than Asset Protection Insurance Agency.

About Asset Protection Insurance Agency:

APIA is an independent insurance agency providing insurance for investors in real estate and other areas. With unoccupied property insurance as well as rental and other types of coverage available, APIA provides full service for all real estate investor insurance needed.

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