Natural Weight Loss Company Owner on Study of Obesity-Caused Deaths

Marianne Lease, owner of Gold Key Nutrition, a company that offers natural weight loss solutions, explains a recent study finding that obesity causes more deaths than researchers and Americans originally thought.

Online PR News – 10-November-2013 – DUBLIN, OH – The American Journal of Public Health published August 15, 2013 a study reporting that obesity causes about 18 percent of deaths in the United States, which is approximately three times more than prior projections.

"Even though a few days before the study was published the CDC reported that the war against childhood obesity can still be won, we cannot celebrate quite yet," said Marianne lease, owner of Gold Key Nutrition, which offers products for natural weight loss. "This study claims that obesity is responsible for approximately 1 in 5 Americans' deaths, which makes this an issue requiring immediate attention."

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholar Ryan Masters conducted the study, measuring the mortality rates and body mass index of participants of several National Health Interview surveys. It focused on the link between death and obesity, and gender and race for black and white females and males between the ages of 40 and 85, reporting that the majority of obesity-related deaths occur in black females and the risk of obesity-induced death increases with age.

The CDC's list of causes of death may not include obesity, but its number one cause of mortality is heart disease, one of several consequences of obesity, along with cancer, joint problems, sleep apnea and others. Masters predicts that obesity will be responsible for an increasing number of deaths in the United States in the future and might even negatively impact life expectancy.

"The outlook seems dim, but there are numerous steps Americans can take to help avoid obesity and its side effects," said Lease. "One of the best practices is to eat a whole diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits, and work out regularly."

Those who are currently overweight should eat a balanced diet, but if they do not receive the results they are looking for, they may want to consider organic weight loss products, like Garcinia Cambogia Pure, from Gold Key Nutrition.

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