London Psych-pop Artist Tom Milsom Announces “Organs” Worldwide Album Release

Tom Milsom's Organs drops on 18 Nov 2013. Made over the course of 3 years, these 13 tracks capture an artist in transition from his piano pop beginnings to something darker, deeper – a diverse collection of neo-psychedelia that's his best work yet.

Online PR News – 10-November-2013 – London, UK – As the year comes to a close, fans of the YouTube channel hexachordal have been counting down to a highly-anticipated milestone: the worldwide release of Organs, the third album by East London-based independent musician Tom Milsom.

It's a far cry from the quirky pop piano style showcased in 2009's Painfully Mainstream. It's hard to believe the two are even by the same artist, though his distinct vocals give it away. Not content to sit still, the energetic storyteller has rushed to perfect his craft. Since his second album, Milsom has expanded his musical repertoire and pushed against the boundaries of online expression.

The evolution was captured on tape. Starting in 2010, the Explorers series of EPs illustrated his growth as a multi-instrumentalist and concept artist, ending with the lauded Explorers 6 in 2011. Using his digital moniker, hexachordal released Yoshiwara in 2012, a portfolio of trance-like loops and mixes. Now, after three years in the making, Organs emerges as his most polished and adventurous work yet.

What really sets Organs apart from its predecessors is more than expertise and expectations. For the first time, listeners get a self-portrait of the artist, painted in sombre tones. Condensing three turbulent years into 50 minutes, Organs plunges the listener into depression-fuelled doubt, denial and desire before coming back up for air.

After a stand-offish start (“I don't want nobody”), we're escorted into the mind of Milsom as tensions escalate and explode in kaleidoscopes of sound. At times softly intimate, at times abrasively harsh, the songs run the gamut between healing and hurting. “Cut across my forehead, tip me back, pull my hair and see what's in there”, he implores, giving visceral meaning to the album's title. By the last sustained line, where he insists “You'll be fine”, it's as much a reassurance to himself as it is to us, and you want nothing more than to believe it.

Organs will be available on 18 Nov in forms both digital and tangible, including a limited-edition vinyl that features an intricate etching on side D. For more information about the artist, check out his official website at

"Better than it ever was, better now than then.
Better than it ever was, better in the end."