Announces Launch of Innovative Aircraft

AnswersAloft, a general aviation answer community, has officially announced the launch of their newest venture The new portal, and associated services, is now available to pilots, enthusiasts, airplane brokers, students, instructors, and individuals looking for answers to just about any aviation related question at

Online PR News – 29-June-2010 – – AnswersAloft, an AugustReign, Inc. company, has created a simple, easy to use, question and answer community focused specifically on aviators and supporting services. Anyone with an aviation question can quickly and easily post their inquiry to the AnswersAloft community for an answer. Knowledgeable individuals and subject matter experts can share their knowledge, earn points, and establish recognition within the community.

"When you have a very specific question about something, how do you get a quick, accurate answer?" asks Pilot in Command James Stewart. "You can try to comb Google, message boards, and periodicals, but more often than not you either find outdated information or answers lacking specificity", Mr. Morley continues. "Think of how much time could be saved if you always had an expert, in any aviation area with you - this is vision for AnswersAloft."

How does AnswersAloft Work?

Once a user account is established, users can quickly and easily pose questions, to the community. Anyone with knowledge of the subject simply responds with their answer. The original requestor can they review all answers collected and select the "best answer" to that question. The person who correctly answered earns points.

For more information about AnswersAloft, visit us at