Mutual Understanding Increases as a Result of Month of Francophile Staff Events
06/29/2010 staff is a la Francais for a cultural immersion month. This exposure to French culture and history is expected to broaden writer’s perspective.

Online PR News – 29-June-2010 – – Vive la France! This is the unofficial motto of French Month at In addition to filling the air with French music, management will set the table with French foods, and offer lectures on French history. This cultural immersion is expected to increase mutual understanding between our staff and our Francophone customers. French speaking clients from all over the globe contribute significantly to our business. We welcome customers from Quebec, the French Caribbean, and francophone regions of Africa and the Pacific. (This cosmopolitan breadth is mirrored by our staff, by the way.) Even the Cajun regions contribute to our continued success.

To ensure that staffers are familiar with French culture and its colonial impact on distant regions, a month of themed events is upcoming. The serious aspect of this month is represented by scholarly lectures on the history of France and her past possessions. Our presenters will not overlook the ongoing development of former colonial nations, both in their native lands, and their Diaspora populations.

Another serious topic to be covered is the evolution and anti-evolution of the French language. Staffers will hear presentations on ongoing French efforts to preserve their language’s purity. For contrast, we will examine the growth of the inscrutable youth backslang. These issues are important when staff communicates with young francophones.

On the more festive side, every mealtime (round-the-clock because we are 24/7) will present a new regional tasting opportunity. This is a chance for writers to sample some obscure artisanal French or Quebecois cheeses (how many can you name?), butter (yes, butter has distinct regional variations), a taste of wine, maple syrup, or even andouille sausage.

For fun, staffers will test their knowledge of French culture in French: “Jeopardy”. Alternatively, writers can screen DVDs of Luis Bunuel and Francois Truffaut.

At the end of this month, professional writing staff will be thoroughly steeped in French culture. We expect this will ready them for to help our francophone customers more effectively in all their projects.

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