Rent What? Kabuki Drop Kits Used By Music Tours and More for Dramatic Stage Curtain Effects

Kabuki drape drops are a popular and dramatic stage effect used by such superstar musical acts as Alice in Chains. Simple and affordable, one-box, plug-and-play Kabuki Drop Systems from Rent What? Inc. are popular as they set up in a snap.

Online PR News – 11-November-2013 – Rancho Dominguez, CA – Kabuki drape drops are a popular and dramatic stage effect used by such superstar musical acts as Alice in Chains, Ivete Sangalo, Jay-Z, Mötley Crüe, No Doubt and OneRepublic. Now anyone can use this simple and affordable, crowd-pleasing effect thanks to Rent What?’s versatile Kabuki drop rental kits.

In a Kabuki drop, a series of small solenoid boxes are attached in a daisy-chain on a truss. The drape is then attached to the solenoids with Velcro and D-rings. When the solenoids are activated, the drape is released and drops to the stage. In a double Kabuki, the concealed drape first falls from the rafters and hangs until a second command drops it to the stage.

“There is nothing quite like the rush of excitement as the music builds, the lights go up and the drape drops to reveal the band as the audience goes wild! It’s an “aha” moment,” says Megan Duckett, founder and president of Rent What? Inc. “Our easy-to-use Kabuki Solenoid System allows stage crews to "reveal, drop and roll" just about any drapery element or backdrop for dramatic effects.”

Productions can use their existing drapes or rent them from Rent What" and custom stage drapes are available from sister company, Sew What? Inc.


“The Kabuki effect is great,” says Zito, production manager for OneRepublic. “The band’s first song is behind the drape, all backlit; it's awesome.”

Every standard or a la carte kit offers everything needed for a Kabuki drop on stages from twelve to eighty feet wide. “Set-up is simple right out of the box,” says Duckett. “Crews are usually up and running with it before they notice the instruction sheet.” Rent What? thoroughly maintains, tests and preps each Kabuki kit before it is delivered to the customer. Kits fit in a single, rugged case that can be shipped by FedEx or loaded onto a production truck.

A Rent What? Kabuki drop rental kit can also be used to drop a variety of materials in many venues, such as large flags at sporting events. “A church used one to drop 500 ping pong balls during a service,” says Duckett, “and SeaWorld Florida employed one to add extra effects to an animal show.”

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