Eccotopia Plans Joint Megafolia Tree Project With Partner

Eccotopia is planning a large-scale Megafolia© tree project with its partner Pacific Tree West.

Online PR News Р08-November-2013 РCape Town, South Africa РCape Town, South Africa - Julian Moses, Chief Executive Officer at South Africa based sustainable forestation company Eccotopia, Ltd. has announced that the company plans to instigate a large-scale Megafolia© tree project with its partner Pacific Tree West, LLC that it is hoped will accelerate the process of reclaiming barren and contaminated land for agricultural projects.

These unprecedented, larger-scale projects are also aimed at dramatically increasing the renewable resources required for ethanol fuel production. The project partnership will also plant the rapid-growing Megafolia© trees for more effective carbon sequestration as the inexorable industrialization of the African continent continues to gather pace.

Mr. Moses said, ‚ÄúWhile there is an undeniable abundance of land on our beloved continent, much of it is unsuitable for agricultural development and much of what is suitable has been neglected and subjected to archaic farming practices. Of course, Mother Nature takes care of these matters in the fullness of time but if Eccotopia are able to provide her with a helpful nudge courtesy of the more productive aspects of human ingenuity, we are confident she will take no offence.‚ÄĚ

The growth characteristics of the Megafolia© Paulownia, which is the fastest growing deciduous tree in the world, have been engineered to facilitate a broad range of uses not least of which is the phytoremediation of contaminated or barren land.

‚ÄúWhile the increased production of biofuels and timber are particularly valuable especially given the insatiable demand for fuel and housing from a flourishing and newly-empowered middle class, the agricultural benefits have reserved a special place for themselves here at Eccotopia,‚ÄĚ concluded Mr. Moses.

About Pacific Tree West, LLC
Pacific Tree West, LLC has developed proprietary genetics and methodologies in agro-forestry of the Megafolia© Paulownia tree, and these Agro-forestry methodologies take advantage of the methods, science, and technologies of agri-business and apply them to the business of raising forests for commercial uses, including Phytoremediation, carbon sequestration, biofuel and energy production. Projects are developed to meet the needs of the community, state or country in their efforts to create economic development initiatives including job creation, infrastructure development and educational opportunities.

About Eccotopia, Ltd.
Eccotopia has developed a number of significant strategic alliances with environmental industry partners. We offer not only innovative, patented technologies of our own, but also an unmatched ability to provide experienced, objective third-party testing and evaluation of new technologies and cutting-edge approaches to site remediation, decentralization, forestation programs and pollution control.

We understand the dynamics of combining ecological and environmental improvements with industrialization and profitability. We have begun to explore linkages between ecology and economics, looking to create new kinds of partnerships and enterprise out of environmental protection and restoration initiatives. Eccotopia’s principal commitments are to our partners and the environment.

Eccotopia, Ltd. Is a BVI Corporation with offices in the Republic of South Africa. ISIN # VGG2922031090