Maurizio Marcato’s Pin Art project once again on show to celebrate
the 60‘s Pin Up woman, icon of beauty, freedom and style

Online PR News – 08-November-2013 – VERONA,ITALY – Maurizio Marcato’s artwork Pin Art, exhibition that through 25 photographs celebrates beauty, style and freedom of the 60‘s Pin Up woman, will be at Pannialti Vintage Expo in Schio (Vicenza, Italy), the 16th and 17th November 2013.

Maurizio Marcato is inspired by his love for the woman soul: for her beauty, strength and desire of freedom. “In 1960 I was six years old and lived in Col San Martino. The long shadow of the Second World War had not disappeared yet, but the life and the desire to live were strong, they were ready to flourish just like the desire to start living again after a nasty disease, like the feeling of happiness after a toothache” - the artist says - “I wonder if my legendary dreamy nature was understood as my eyes followes those superb women who, setting themselves free from the infamous violence and darkness that came with the war, followed the unrestrained fashion. I have never forgotten that enticing charm, the proud and brave steps that defied the past and opened the doors to the revolutionary era of consumerism and creativity”.

A woman that means creativity, economic recovery and happiness: this is Pin Art. The first Pin Up artists were painters and illustrators, who used the camera only at the first step of their art. In Maurizio’s work the camera captures the moment and then, during post-production process, images appear clear, stylised and coloured in such a way that they look similar to paintings.

The Pin Art project has also been exported abroad, and appreciated by the international audience that has awarded it with numerous acknowledgements, along with the success gained from prestigious exhibitions such as the one at Icebox Gallery of Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) during the Art-A-Whirl event, and from the realization of a limited edition calendar in 2012.

Maurizio Marcato always celebrates the image of women in his exhibitions as symbols of strength, intelligence and continuity; traces of this can be found in his famous exhibit “Women don’t war” or “Restoring the future”. As he himself says, the Pin Art project “flows into an era that combines the carefree epoque of the ‘60s with the industrialization that came later, as the point where two rivers meet. In this context, Pin Ups represent the last hope to get back to a positive attitude and to give new prosperity to life”.

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