, an Online Magazine for Freelancers Launched

Lattésworth Media has announced launch of that offers insightful tips, tricks and guides to freelancers, helping them to tide over the challenges and insecurities.

Online PR News – 08-November-2013 – , GA – Nairobi, Kenya 08 November 2013 : LattĂ©sworth Media has launched, an online magazine focused on providing freelancers’ tips, tricks and guides to sail through competition. Leveraging extensive business exposure, the experts at roll out valuable advice to freelancers, tapping all possible aspects of the job.

“We share secrets for successfully getting started as a freelancer, staying motivated, dealing with clients, negotiating prices, sustaining productivity and using resources through unique, informative content. Our experts aim at hand-holding the freelancers to success, guiding them through the challenges. We believe in sharing our knowledge enabling you to gain an edge on the competitors,” commented a senior executive with the company.

Working as a freelancer brings in a slew of advantages, yet it is never easy to begin with. Trying to be your own boss can lead to sloppy work. It requires determination, self-discipline and some skills to succeed as a freelancer, and it would help to inculcate the needed skill-set before moving ahead with plans. This is the space where moves in guiding the freelancers who are determined to gain foothold. The website trains them in a multitude of skills that are key to success.

Being a freelancer means being in control with no one on top to demand sound practices. This often leads to casual attitude in organizing tasks. As the executive said, “Take some time round up work orders, emails, spreadsheets and records. The process may not be fun, but it is important to gauge where you stand with the audit. Break down your work by business segment while you catalog it. Shift focus on freelance work that generates better profit margins.

It is common for the freelancers to have insecurities; however, it would help to understand and address them. It takes time to build clientele and one should not be disheartened on getting less than what was envisioned. Be devoted and hardworking to work up to the money. Speaking with clients to get freelancing jobs is often intimidating for freelancers who are not used to it. Practicing meeting and negotiation will help feel less insecure.


Freelancers usually find themselves short on valuable advice and is an attempt by Lattésworth Media to fill in the space. The website is a comprehensive guide on the issues freelancers face, helping them to attain success in a business where one has to compete hard for every yard. Whether one wants to know how to become a writer, web designer or SEO executive, the website provides useful advice.

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