The Box Butler Announces Redesigned Eco-Friendly Storage Box

NYC Metropolitan Storage Leader Introduces New Environmentally Sound Wardrobe Container

Online PR News – 07-November-2013 – Neww York, NY – The Box Butler, the leading NYC metropolitan area convenience storage company announced today that it has introduced a new eco-friendly storage box. The environmentally sound wardrobe container designed by The Box Butler and built locally for The Box Butler, offers a unique and secure place to store and transport hanging garments.

Made from 100% recycled resin and cast from a single mold, the wardrobe containers are constructed and transported with the goal of keeping garments in pristine care without harm to the eco sphere. The rotationally molded parts require no pinch-off or cut-off of excess material, so every last particle of raw material that goes into the mold comes back out in the molded part.

“We designed this container to give our customers a storage solution that was both environmentally and consumer friendly,” says Founder, Scott Sinclair. “Like most businesses today we want to do our share in minimizing our carbon footprint. These garment containers offer an easy and secure way to keep your items stored over traditional cardboard boxes while being much friendly to the environment.”

The wardrobes have a fully hinged door that swings open for easy hanging bar access and locks to ensure your locked garments are secure. They hold up to two feet of hanging garments and be configured with shelves at bottom so you can add items like shoes all in one neatly arrange container. They fit on ‘soft roll’ dollies for easy transport and no floor damage by the ‘Butlers’ during transport. Special hand grips are built into the closet for easy vertical lifting ensuring nothing inside moves about. The hanging bar “locks” in to place with a specially designed mechanism to be sure the bar stays locked during transport and storage. They can be labeled on the outside with a list of stored garments inside for easy recall.

This container is built so that air flows to allow garments to properly breathe in a climate controlled facility. In addition, they are manufactured locally which reduces the carbon footprint as transportation distance has been minimized.
With a lifespan of over 10 years, these wardrobe containers are a first in eco-friendly, sturdy, lockable, portable hanging storage.

Using environmentally boxes, The Box Butler provides a full service pick-up and delivery storage service. They deliver storage right to your residence so you never have to schlep to a storage locker again. In utilizing their boxes there is never any taping and no need to worry about if the bottom of your box will fall out dropping all your packed items all over the floor.

The Box Butler has state-of-the-art warehouses which are fully climate controlled and ideal for storing portable containers as well as items such as furniture and sports gear as well as your own cardboard or plastic containers. Their facility is located in New Jersey, 12 miles from New York City and serves customers throughout the greater New York Metropolitan area.

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