Prime Aid Pharmacy Offers Hard to Find Medications for Managing High-Cost Therapies

Online Specialty Pharmacy Sources Difficult to Obtain Drugs for Illnesses

Online PR News – 07-November-2013 – New York, NY – Prime Aid Pharmacy announces the availability of hard to find pharmacy products for the treatment and support of cancer, auto immune diseases and other illnesses. The experienced staff has access to suppliers and labs to source the most difficult of medications. More than a prescription service, this specialty pharmaceutical service helps ensure that individuals have easy access to all medications that are on the market and the 24/7 support of a skilled care team to manage their care. It offers patients extra value and convenience not found in chain pharmacies with extensive access to drugs, personalized service and exceptional support.

Fully accredited by the Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA), the experienced professionals at Prime Aid provide essential high-impact patient care services. Patients’ medication and treatment are managed in in collaboration with physicians, registered pharmacists, nurses, patient care coordinators and reimbursement specialists for disease-specific therapy management (DTP) program. All treatments are delivered to minimize adverse events and optimize patient safety and outcomes.

“Our goal is to offer customers all pharmaceuticals on the market. We want to become a complete wellness resource and offer the most up to date drugs and expertise,” says Prime Aid. “Our team is highly skilled and compassionate. They are dedicated to going the extra mile, focusing on fulfilling patients’ needs and providing effective care.”

Prime Aid Pharmacy stands in the growing specialty pharmacy industry as a unique resource for patients and caregivers to fill prescriptions online, find information easily and communicate with medical and pharmacy staff. It focuses on dispensing and coordinating the delivery of specialty drugs that are used to treat conditions in therapeutic categories such as oncology, autoimmune/immune or inflammatory conditions, hormone replacement (HRT) therapy, MS, Dermatology, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, growth hormone deficiency, hemophilia that are marked by long-term or severe symptoms, side effects or increased fatality. It offers comprehensive support in the distribution of medications that are high cost and have special handling procedures.

Prime Aid Pharmacy is licensed to ship in: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Its dedicated staff is available via phone or e-mail during business hours and via After-Hours Hotline.

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