EnCrisp launches version 3.0 of its World Class methodology offering combined SAP Solution Manager and Governance Risk Compliance life-cycle integration

Reduce SAP operational and compliance costs by half complementing SAP Solution Management and Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) Management

Online PR News – 12-August-2009 – – Reston, VA August 5th, 2009- EnCrisp LLC has released an advanced version 3.0 of its world-class EnSURE methodology. This methodology platform offers an integration of SAP Business Objects GRC with SAP® Solution Management to assist its customers efficiently manage and operate their complex SAP landscape. EnCrisp LLC's Enterprise Solutions Utilization and Risk Elimination (EnSURE™) methodology now doubles cost-savings and efficiencies for corporate users of SAP and their management globally. EnSURE integrates best aspects of SAP Business Objects GRC solutions and leverages SAP's unique Solution Manager Enterprise EHP1 Platform for optimal quality management, access and process controls as well as systems lifecycle monitoring and performance in SAP projects. EnSURE is designed to cover SAP lifecycle end to end from initial blueprinting stage to post Go-Live support and maintenance mode.

EnCrisp’s prior EnCURE methodology platform focussing solely on GRC driven controls and risk elimination has been enhanced and rebranded in version 3.0 as EnSURE, leveraging 'business-driven' solution life cycle governance, solution quality & security architecture with many complementary technical enablers. This unique approach integrating Solution Quality and Governance makes EnCrisp one of the leading and almost certainly the only specialist firm globally to combine best-in-class SAP Solution Manager and GRC expertise. EnSURE marries strategic financial and audit depth at the CFO and controller level along with IT performance and governance at CIO level driven by SAP’s “Run SAP” operational standards. EnCrisp’s business driven execution keeps SAP governance, compliance and quality at forefront during any phase of SAP projects life-cycle, resulting in timely completion with ‘Zero Defect’ Go-Live scenarios. Many SAP customers know that when it comes to SAP Solution Manager and Business Objects GRC, they need turn only to one trusted partner of choice globally – EnCrisp.

EnCrisp's co-founder and CEO, Bhavesh C. Bhagat added “EnSURE version 3.0 will holistically allow organizations to operationally achieve maximum efficiencies and lowest risk SAP program and IT solutions life-cycle management. Anything that we can do to add to our customer’s bottom-line in these turbulent economic times by way of lower costs of maintenance, solution management and compliance is a great win-win.” As part of SAP Solution Manager and GRC implementations driven by latest EnSURE 3.0 approach; clients are guaranteed business process driven controls, performance and quality using “Run SAP” based standards, data consistency and transparency, as well as sustained upgrade maintenance. This risk based approach helps to avoid errors, mitigate violations, and increase the availability and performance of the customer’s SAP solutions at the same time reducing SAP operational and compliance expenses.

As business systems are becoming more and more dispersed, SAP clients need effective tools and techniques to manage systems lifecycle within their support infrastructures. EnSURE driven solutions enable your enterprise to take full advantage SAP value added offerings of Solution Manager and Business Objects GRC. EnCrisp solutions that are supported by EnSURE 3.0 are in five key areas of SAP solution lifecycle:

1. SAP Implementation Quality & Governance Center of Excellence (COE) – EnCrisp leads SAP Program and Project management leveraging EnSURE 3.0 to provide flexible Governance driven implementation roadmaps using Solution Manager and Business Objects GRC tools, customized industry vertical content and the methodology needed to implement with maximum controls and efficiency, from both technical and functional perspective.

2. Solution Monitoring & Compliance - The increasing number of components within the SAP landscape can be a growing challenge for any organization. By integrating GRC scenarios with Solution Monitoring features EnSURE offers configurable controls driven scenarios for monitoring business processes, systems and processes across myriad of technology stacks such as Java, .NET, MS Office integration, ABAP, etc.

3. Security, Operations and Services – EnSURE approach enables specific environment driven safeguards and best in class enterprise security architecture designs as well as operational and services alerts driven by security needs. This service offering is instituted once per implementation either as part of initial Go-Live lifecycle or as part of a Security Architecture Redesign post Go-Live. Following completion of this phase, EnCrisp guarantees maximum compliance and lowest level of risk in SAP landscapes.

4. Support Area – Solution Manager’s Service Desk feature is integrated in EnSURE 3.0 as a key enabler to support IT and Operations organizations managing SAP landscapes. Whether your IT group is supporting security testing, implementation testing or a post go-live situation, Service Desk complemented by “Run SAP” based standards allows SAP end-users to report issues or warnings directly from the SAP GUI and then centrally store those issues within Solution Manager.

5. Upgrades - EnSURE 3.0 leverages several features of documentation and Project Administration toolkits in SAP Solution Manager for SAP clients planning or executing a system upgrade. Specific controls driven customized Upgrade scenario roadmaps provide both the content and the tools needed to manage quality, security and compliance of any technical or functional upgrade.

About EnCrisp LLC
EnCrisp® is a privately held Global leader in Enterprise Solution Lifecycle management and Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) management solutions. As a firm specializing in the niche GRC and IT Solution Lifecycle market, EnCrisp excels in designing leading-edge solutions with a "business-driven" approach to improve IT lifecycle efficiencies, regulatory governance, environmental sustainability, security architecture design and compliance, audit risk assessments. Its unique CFO/Audit and CIO driven execution have established the firm as a benchmark in the industry as a preferred partner for implementing and turning around complex initiatives combining best of both IT Governance and Performance management technologies. With its trademarked EnSURETM methodology and GRCWeaverTM control automation content platform, EnCrisp delivers a powerful combination of thousands of best practice control automation rules and content for different industry verticals, system horizontals and IT Governance and Solution Management Lifecycle scenarios. EnCrisp is recognized as a global Microsoft BizSparks start-up member and SAP Solution manager and Governance solution provider. For more information visit www.EnCrisp.com or contact (info@EnCrisp.com)

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