Real Estate Veteran Offers Several MLS Listing Options

A veteran Real Estate Broker Nawel K Seth has come with another novel idea to reduce the cost of selling real estate. He is now offering Unbundled MLS services and also an option to the seller to participate in the selling process to reduce the selling cost even further!

Online PR News – 28-June-2010 – – The Pioneer of Flat Fee MLS Service and Lower Commission MLS service, Now Offers A La Carte MLS Service

There is another first in the Real estate Brokerage business being introduced by Nawel K Seth of Coldwell Banker Trail Blazers Realty. For the first time in the history of Toronto Real Estate Board, an alternative to traditional bundled MLS service is being offered to consumers and businesses. Consumers is also being encouraged and offered an option to participate in the process of selling. It is worth noting that over three decades back, Nawel was also the first one to offer Flat Fee MLS service to the GTA area.

“The brokerage industry is being run very inefficiently;” commented Nawel, “ there is a lot of wastage and ultimately consumer pays.” Many inside and outside the industry feel that the leadership in the brokerage business was never focused on reducing the costs, simply because they felt that the consumer will continue to pay the traditional 5-6% commissions. The big boards’ focus was always misplaced –they were focused on increasing the membership rather than to run the brokerage industry for the benefit of the members or the public at large. The old business model will need to change; the costs can be brought down and the savings passed on to the consumer.

Nawel K Seth, the president of Coldwell Banker Trail Blazers Realty said “ Consumers have asked to reduce the cost of selling and we have listened; we are pleased to offer unbundled MLS services and save money to the consumers. This addresses the needs of sellers to have more say and control over the selling process and pay for only those services that he needs. Nawel said that his Flat Fee MLS service has already brought the selling costs down and he intends to reduce it further for the benefit of the consumer. From now on, he is also offering consumers an option to participate in the selling process and if the consumer’s participation saves time to the brokerage, consumer will save even more money. Nawel believes that this will cut out some waste in the Real Estate industry, make the process more transparent and also save money and manpower to the brokerages. He hopes that these savings will be passed onto the consumer and reduce the high cost of selling to the consumer.

Nawel says that the real estate agents offer expertise in selling and negotiating the sale agreements. Driving around like a Taxi driver should not be one of their expertise. In many countries in Europe and around the world, the brokers search and screen the buyers. Once a qualified buyer is found, the seller takes over the showing of the property leaving valuable time to the brokers to engage in other expert activities to bring about the sale. “No one knows the home better than an owner, so why not let the seller show the house” This will save time to the brokers and money to the seller; a win-win scenario.

Nawel Seth said that he has received very many calls asking how the selling costs can be reduced further and how he can help. According to Nawel, offering unbundled MLS services is the answer to further savings. These kinds of transactions, where the seller will participate and buy unbundled MLS services will revolutionize the way business is done and will offer a tremendous cost savings to home buyers and sellers.” As not every one will opt for unbundled MLS Listing service or want to participate in the selling process, he feels that the traditional model of service will carry-on, though its share of the market will continue to decrease with time.

Consumers have already started asking for and availing unbundled services. Nawel says that an owner in the east end wanted unbundled MLS services. The seller asked to show the property to the buyer herself rather than having the showing conducted by the brokerage. The house was shown to the brokerage’s client by the seller and subsequently sold to the same client. Nawel says that this saved him the time and almost another $1,000 dollars on top of the already reduced fees to the seller. Needless to say, the seller was absolutely ecstatic having saved even more.

Success rate in selling properties under this package is high and the consumer feels more satisfied with the transparency.. Use of the service results in lower selling expenses with the ability to net more on the sale of the property. Nawel K. Seth Broker/Owner remarks “The unbundled Flat FEE MLS service has generated an incredible amount of interest among the sellers and this has been widely covered by the written and electronic media”

For those who want a traditional bundled MLS service, Nawel said, that his company offers MLS listing for only 1% Listing brokerage commission which is a lot less than what the consumer will have to pay somewhere else. This can translate into savings of thousands of after tax dollars. The company also offers consultation and advisory role to the private sellers, 24 Hour Appointment Desk service, Negotiating and Marketing services among the unbundled services. The bottom line is that consumer now has a choice.

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Trail Blazers Realty, located in Markham Ontario, is the owner of the and among the pioneer of Flat Fee MLS and Unbundled MLS service in Ontario. The innovative technology adopted by the company allows home

sellers, and those interested in selling industrial and commercial properties to upload the information and upto 9 photos of the property to the website and make online payment for the unbundled services. The MLS listing goes live online on within 48 -96 hours of the paperwork and submission of the required information for a MLS listing. An additional advantage offered by the company is the option to sell property or business privately. while listed through MLS and the broker network.

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