PC Smart Cleaner Launched for Common Users

If you are looking for PC cleaner software which is reliable, then PC Smart Cleaner is a complete solution to rectify your PC performance. It is now available for common user to download from official website.

Online PR News – 07-November-2013 – Fremont, California – PC Smart Cleaner, the new & improved system utility software is now available for common users. It can be downloaded from their official website www.pcsmartcleaner.com. PC Smart Cleaner is complete system utility software that will not only optimize but also secure and create a backup of your important data. With this software, you will get full information about your system security, backup and disk space status.

A team of experienced and expert software developers, who has been working for years to come up with single software that will do all the basic work that is needed to be done to make the computer work faster, develops this software. This software will also help common users to check on their system with easy to understand user interface.

This is all-in-one system utility software. It will optimize your system, check and delete any kind of junk files piling into your hard disk and taking unnecessary space. In addition, this software will analyze the security status of your system like checking of your anti-virus status, condition of the firewall and internet security of your system.

The main highlight of this software is the ‘Secured Browsing’ option that has been included. This browser will let the user surf the internet with utmost security. A user can perform any important task like banking, e-payment. This browser is encrypted in such a manner that none of the personal information will be disclosed to any other unauthorized party.

The software is available for download in two versions: Home edition and Professional edition. The Home Edition is available with limited features for free download. The Professional Edition is available with all the features and free updates for $29.99 for 1 year.
PS Smart Cleaner got the following features:
Total optimization of the system
PC Smart Cleaner will clean up all the junk files, unwanted registry files, temporary files, browsing history, cookies etc. that has been mounding up in your system and taking unnecessary disk space.

Complete analysis of System Security
PC Smart Cleaner will completely analyze the security status of your system. This is one function that is very important in order to protect your computer from viruses. This feature will let you know about the antivirus status, internet security status and Firewall protection status of your computer.

Secured Browser
The major highlight of the software that is available in Professional Edition, this feature will let you browse the internet more securely.

Backup and Restore
A user can create the backup of important data and restore your system to previous settings with just a click on PC Smart Cleaner. The backup will be created in a user-defined folder.

Easy User Interface
The developers of PC Smart Cleaner have taken into account the ease of the user interface so that any user can use the software easily.

About The Company
Smart Care LLC has been working for more than 10 years towards providing technical and web solutions to users in USA and Canada. With the goal of complete elimination of tech problems to its users, PC Smart Cleaner is another step forward towards their goal.