Campaign for Cursive (C4C) Announces First Two Certified Cursive Coaches in Arizona

There is growing want for concerned citizens to learn how to teach cursive writing to young children since many children are not learning it in schools today.

Online PR News – 07-November-2013 – Oxnard, CA – Oxnard, CA - Arizona’s First “Cursive Coaches” are Certified to Teach.

Gayna Scott and Nancy Cohen of Tucson are the first “Certified Cursive Coaches” in Arizona; they saw the need to teach young and old alike a fast and easy way to learn cursive handwriting.

Campaign for Cursive (C4C) has partnered with New American Cursive to help those wanting to learn how to teach cursive handwriting. Far too many states have stopped the requirement for teaching cursive writing in the classroom in favor of digital communication and keyboarding. This is creating a nation of cursive illiterate children. Based on growing requests from the C4C website, it is clear that parents, grandparents and teachers alike are searching for a penmanship program that is well designed, fun to learn; simple to teach and gives promising results in a short amount of time.

An enthusiastic group of educators and healthcare professionals met at the annual American Handwriting Analysis Foundation conference this past weekend to attend this powerful and intensive workshop. The fresh step-by-step method was developed by Iris Hatfield, who has over 40 years in the handwriting field. Ms. Hatfield states, “It only takes 15 minutes a day to teach cursive writing and the results are remarkable. Children start in the first grade. Research shows that this type of training has a positive measurable effect on reading levels and behavior.”

“We want to make cursive cool and have cursive writing taught along with technology training. It is not an either/or choice. We need to empower young children to be able to compete in the global economy”, says Ms. Scott who is the chairperson for C4C.

Nancy Cohen, a certified Life Coach, BSN and RN helps individuals find balance in their life. Ms. Cohen states that she sees a growing need for this important developmental step, which is declining in the school systems. She understands that teaching children to learn cursive writing will help improve their neural connections by the dynamic interplay of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

AHAF President, Sheila Lowe, MS, CG congratulates Gayna Scott and Nancy Cohen on becoming certified handwriting coaches. “This is an important step towards getting cursive training back in the public schools”, she says.

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About Campaign for Cursive

Campaign for Cursive is part of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation. AHAF is a non-profit educational organization for almost 50 years with chapters in several states and members in several countries. C4C was started in 2012 when members became concerned about the trend away from teaching children to write. Our mandate is to raise awareness among educators and legislators of the importance of mastering cursive handwriting for the physical and emotional benefits in the development of the child.