Australia Reiki by Distant Education, with Free Reiki Healing

Reiki Level I, with Reiki Master Willeke is aimed at helping people all over the world to Heal themselves with Reiki Power, Master Symbols. Get weekly news, blogs, workshops in Australia Victoria Melbourne, you can have Reiki Level I on CD, Hard Cover Manual and eBook.

Online PR News – 06-November-2013 – Reservoir- Victoria- Reiki Masters Australia, Saturday,26th October 2013 – Willeke was initiated into Reiki Level I in 1996, then Reiki Level 2, is now a Reiki Master since 1996.

Reiki Level I, II, III is aimed at helping people all over the world to help Heal themselves every day. Sign-up to receive weekly news, blog, monthly workshops, in Melbourne surrounds. Reiki certificate is a Nationally Accredited in Australia

The cost of 1 a day Reiki workshop is $88.00 or concession $55.00.
You can also get Reiki Level I on line, and in a CD or E-book.

Reiki Level I offers an Introduction to Reiki, Summary, Workshop Running Sheet, 7 Major Chakras, Stupor, Head, Front of body, Back of the body, where to put your hands for Position and movements, Affirmations, First Attunement, Reiki Power and Master Symbols, Blessing Symbols, Initiation, Chronology of Reiki according to Dr Mikao Usui lineage. Plus your Reiki Level I Australian Nationally Accredited Certificate.

The website has a lot of information about the history of Reiki dating back to the original creator of Reiki Dr. M. Usui and his first healing. What Reiki can do for you is explained, the Levels of Reiki, Attunements, Living Testimony, Mission Statement, Glossary, Reiki Master Links, Reiki E-Book and Workshops.

You can also ask for a Free Reiki Healing from the web site. If you have something that ails you send it in to me and you will get a personal healing via distance Reiki Healing.

Please note that you should also seek medical advice for any pre-existing condition you may have. Reiki is to add value to whatever you are currently doing to improve your health.

Australia Reiki by Distant Education now with Free Reiki Healing, is aimed at helping everybody find out about Reiki Symbols and how they can empower you to better health. Stay in touch via the website to get Australia Reiki by Distant Education specials. Start your life with Reiki Level I to receive benefits for yourself and move on to higher levels to help heal others. Available now in Hard cover, CD, or eBook.

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