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Contact Oodles Technologies for efficient and dedicated Video Streaming Services that enables easy creation and distribution of video content. Our Video Streaming Experts are keenly focussed to provide comprehensive Video Content Management Services to you.

Online PR News – 06-November-2013 – Gurgaon, India – We provide comprehensive Video Content Management and Video Streaming Services and dig into all the possible aspects of the Video Streaming technologies and will underpin new waves of productivity growth.

Now 57 million people reaches internet for watching videos every week. In 2012, Over 6 billion hours of streaming videos are watched each month on YouTube .

In Video Streaming the video content is sent over the web in compressed form and is then displayed in real time. It redeems the viewers with the menace of first downloading the video before viewing it. The success of streaming media is pretty newfangled , but the notion at the rear of it has been around for long.

Streaming Video have become the obsession these days with all the perks it provide-

- E-Learning
- Real time training
- Lesser Wait to view video
- Marked up Revenue
- Reduced cost
- Improved Productivity
- Reach to more customers
- Reduced time to market

Why Us???

Oodles Technologies keep you frisky in this ever changing technological landscape and allowing your business to stay at the cutting edge of media and content management. Our developers are keenly focused to provide highly reliable and quality bound services to create innovative custom built solutions to meet your requirements and to transform your conceptual ideas to reality.

We have extensive experience in Video Content Management and Streaming Services and have done extraordinary work in following areas:-

1. Ffmpeg

2. Kaltura

3. Red5

4. Wowza 3.0

If you desire to stream videos for your website then contact us. Our efficient and dedicated Video Streaming Services enables easy creation and distribution of video content as well as streamlining services to provide you with real time monitoring and video setup.

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