The Inflatable Trade Show Booth Becomes A Reality With Skyline South Florida's WindScape™

Skyline South Florida has a new inflatable trade show exhibit: WindScapeTM. WindScapeTM is the world's first fully inflatable trade show display, cutting down on set-up and tear down time and saving exhibitors money on shipping costs.

Online PR News – 05-November-2013 – MIAMI, FL – Skyline South Florida has never been short on innovative trade show exhibiting ideas, but the WindScapeTM line of exhibits may be the company's most innovative idea yet. WindScapeTM is the world's first fully inflatable trade show display, a feature that is all but certain to transform the trade show industry.

"WindScapeTM is definitely a game-changer. It's going to decrease the amount of time spent putting exhibits together and taking them apart and it's going to decrease the labor costs associated with that work. Exhibitors will see a quicker return on their investment because of this and because of reduced drayage costs thanks to WindScape's lightweight design," said Wayne Litsky, Operations Manager and Partner, Skyline South Florida (>).

WindScapeTM relies on air to create a solid exhibit instead of the traditional metal framing. Rather than assembling a team of installers to set up a trade show booth, WindScapeTM users set their exhibit up with the touch of a button. This greatly decreases the amount of labor needed to get an exhibit set up or torn down. Depending on the size of the WindScapeTM inflatable trade show booth, one person can transport and set up the inflatable trade show exhibit. Custom-made fabric graphics designed by Skyline are pre-installed on the framing, stretching to become flat and wrinkle-free as the exhibit inflates, but they can be easily swapped out for different events or to change messages.

"Skyline South Florida provides everything you need to get started with a WindScapeTM display: the framing and graphics, the air pump and a battery pack for the pump and a carry case that converts to a table. It's an extremely versatile exhibit line that can easily be added to an existing exhibit or to replace aging pieces without replacing the entire display. We've had clients who have added an inflatable piece here and there and others who've made WindScapeTM their primary display," noted Litsky.

There are currently over 46 different shapes and components to the WindScapeTM line, with more certain to come. Current pieces range in size from small tabletop displays to 10-foot backwalls, towers and hanging signs. Even more impressive, the 10-foot backwalls can be fully inflated and functioning in under 7 minutes and require no tools to assemble.

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About Skyline South Florida: Skyline South Florida designs and manufactures exhibits for companies that participate in trade shows and special events. With a high level of practical experience and industry knowledge, the company provides clients with the design and manufacturing expertise they seek. With a full offering of exhibit rentals along with full turnkey asset management services, Skyline can match any size and budget, ranging from tabletop displays and portable displays to modular inline exhibits and large-scale island exhibits.

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