Disco Icon's Sons Create Social Music Collaboration Platform

Bernard Edwards' Heirs Launch Social Site for Music Makers They want to pass on their Passion for Music to Creators Worldwide

Online PR News – 04-November-2013 – New York, NY – Three sons of Disco Legend Bernard Edwards have launched SongSilo, a social music collaboration platform that allows everyone worldwide the opportunity to create and explore new music as well as connect with a universal community of artists, bands, writers, musicians and music lovers.

In 1976, Bernard Edwards along with Nile Rogers formed Chic. Together they created such hits as ‘We are Family’ ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’ ‘Everybody Dance’ ‘I Want Your Love’ and ‘Le Freak. Now Michael, David and Bernard Jr. are making ‘their’own mark with the groundbreaking SongSilo website. The site provides a unique forum for collaboration by music lovers and creators to record their work and post it directly to the site. No software is needed. It allows individuals with talents in one genre to work with others who are skilled at another. A writer who has written a song can post her words and have a musician on the other side of the world do the track.

“We wanted to offer everyone the tools to create, enjoy and share music, says David Edwards one of Bernard’s sons. “My Dad died in 1996, but he would be thrilled that we are providing access to the entire music community to make their mark. I am not a professional musician like my Dad, but I do share his appreciation and wanted to pass it along.”

SongSilo’s community of creators spans a huge range of artists in a diverse group of genres. Rock, Disco, Hip Hop, Country, Folk or Pop -- there is a place for everybody.

The site encourages you to share what you hear and allows for feedback. Users can select what they post and follow what they like within the community. It allows everyone from professional to amateur to create and discover new and original tunes.

SongSilo is the brainchild of brothers Michael Edwards, David Edward and Bernard Edwards, Jr. The site is a social music platform that gives users access to the world’s largest community of musicians and song creators. It provides a place for people all over the world to make music TOGETHER.

To sign up and explore SongSilo, visit www.songsilo.com

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