Unofficially Launches – Brand New Tablet PC’s For Sale

Tablet computing has overwhelmingly become popular and necessary. More people are converting to tablets and there needs to be a single place customers can go to find and buy all tablets on the market. Thus, The Tablet Addict is born.

Online PR News – 03-November-2013 – Durham, NC – is currently online and accepting orders, but right now it only carries select brands. The website does not officially launch with full stock until spring 2014. Its website was built to help people easily find and buy tablet computers and accessories online. Their mission is to become the #1 resource on the web for tablet computing.

It’s undeniable that tablet computers are grabbing a great deal of the market share. Desktop computers are going away as being obsolete. Laptops are still great to have, but is losing its portability esteem due to Smartphones and tablet PC’s.

In most households tablets are still fairly a new concept. Many still don’t own a tablet, but its popularity is continually growing and becoming

the device of choice. With that said, it’s only right that someone leads the charge into the new world and henceforth,

Tablets were never intended to replace PC’s, but so many people have become dependent on their tablets as being their sole computing device. This has made tablet makers more creative and the market is heading in a new direction.

Tablet makers are constantly expanding on new ideas for tablets. They’ve designed convertible tablets. They’ve made improvements in cloud computing technologies which compliments tablet owners. The term “phablets” has been coined to describe the hybrid device which combines the Smartphone and tablet. And they most recently made moves into the enterprise space, by building tablets that compete with business PC sales.

The Tablet Addict understands the need for a trusted resource when buying tablet computers and accessories for all makes and models. Its mission is to become the #1 website for buying tablet PC’s. The Tablet Addict will update their product database on a continuous basis to ensure they always carry the latest tablet devices.

The goal for is to sell every quality brand tablet on the market by their official launch date. They want to become the largest vendor of tablet computers. They also plan to educate the general population on tablets and won’t be satisfied until they put a tablet in the hands of everyone who does not already own one, because they know it’s not until you’re an actual owner of a tablet computer that you realize the usefulness of the device.

Get over to to buy your first or next tablet. The website is fully functional and accepting orders, but will not carry a full line of products until its official launch date. Anything listed on the website now is available for purchase and will be immediately shipped. As the website nears its official launch date more products, brands, makes and models will be added and soon you’ll be able to come to to find and buy any tablet on the market.

It’s exciting times for the tablet market and is leading the way. Join in on the experience and visit today. A tablet with your name on it awaits you!