The newly Nike HyperVenom Phantom shows the new technology of Nike

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Online PR News – 03-November-2013 – UK – Rio de Janeiro - As all of people should know that the good warrior should have high quality weapon. Only in that way could the warrior become invincible in the war zone. This principle should be the same for football player. The good football player should have one pair of high quality football shoe. Only in that way could they have highly performance on the football playing ground. In that case, the world famous football boots producer Nike has tried their best to creating the high quality football boot for each football player around the world. Recently, in order to help player has good performance in next World Cup Football match, Nike has also prepared a new pair of shoes which name is Nike HyperVenom Phantom. Now, the editor from website would let people have fully understanding about the technology and feature about this new version of football shoe.

The newly Nike HyperVenom Phantom can be said that it has a great background. The main achievement of this shoe should be the high agility and flexible motor function. In order to reach to this goal, the designer has specially designed a technical shoe surface which should be called "NIKESKIN". This surface has made the use of high-strength fiber material via the accuracy calculation of computer. This could highly increase the precision of players¡¯ shooting and ball passing. The new design of the tongue of this shoe could increase the flexibility level of players¡¯ ankle. On the other hand, the sole of this Nike HyperVenom Phantom has applied the double nail arrangement form which could increase the gripping force of running and shovel on the grass.

In addition to the high tech feature, the propaganda should be another important point about the Home business operation for this newly football boots. Due to the next World Cup Football match would be hosted in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, so the Nike has invited the Brazilian famous football striker whose name is Neymar as the spokesperson of this shoe. In the future football match, most of the football superstars worldwide such Neymar, Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic will wear this new shoe which name is Nike HyperVenom Phantom to play football game.

In a word, this new shoe should be the integrating of Nike¡¯s high technology. However, if people adidas adizero F50 TRX FG want to have one pair of this Nike shoe, they should view website and contact with the customer service of this site. They would help people choose one pair of high grade Nike HyperVenom Phantom.