Generate Free Electricity at Home Using Magnetic Generator

It is now possible to generate power more than 5 times using magnetic generators – believesthe inventors and the authorities of Law of Physics. Find out the secret how to eliminateelectricity bills by producing free electricity.

Online PR News – 28-June-2010 – – Jiangmen City, China 06.25.2010 – Nobody likes to pay a huge amount towards electric bills. Many would have dreamed of getting free electric power which we thought would neverhappen. But now, as a surprise, with the invention of magnetic generators, power generationis now possible for free. There are many other technologies through which we can produceel ectricity such as solar energy, wind mill etc. But nobody can promise or guarantee that thesetechnologies can satisfy ourveryday needs at home. Only a part of our needs can be fulfilledby the adoption these systems.

If a system or technology can reproduce more than 5 times of the energy that it consumes,nobody could say no to it. Such system is magnetic generators that were developed usingmagnets and batteries. This machine can produce so much of free electricity that a householdneeds. Also this machine can run throughout the year without stopping. This means you getfree electricity throughout the year without any fail. Moreover, the combustion engine can bereplaced if necessary.

The developers describes that this machine as a revolutionary innovation. Also there are manypeople who have lined up to invest for this new generator. “This machine is revolutionary and changes the way of generating power to the whole world” says Mr. Steve Brassingtonan independent electrical engineer. He also adds up that the technology used is not bendingphysics but it is just applying the principals in a different way. The basic principal used ismagnetic attraction and magnetic repulsion, reveals the inventor the, secret of this machine.

When you can generate free electricity using magnetic generator, you don’t have to buyelectricity from any other retailers. Using this technology, you can save a huge amount on electricity bills and can keep the environment clean by going green.

About is the official site run by Ian Lian who owns the credit of finding thepowerful magnetic generator that can produce electricity of 24 Kilo Watts a day. The author isalso well-known for one of the most popular eBook 36 Tips of Saving Energy. Through this site,you can now implement the technique for power generation andsave loads on your electricity bill.

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