Global Space Organization Begins Its "On The Fringe" Crowd Fund Campaign

GSO announces "On the Fringe," this new and free-to-watch digital video media talk show will cover many of the new privatized entities and corporations driving our new global space industry.

Online PR News – 02-November-2013 – Aurora/Colorado – Aurora, CO, October 26, 2013 - Global Space Organization begins its “On the Fringe” space news talk show crowd fund campaign. This new and free digital media space news show will deliver current privatized space news in a relaxed, professional and engaging format with two main hosts and one guest host each showing. The GSO Indigogo campaign found here: - will bring in the funding, $45,000, for one full season of the show.

The Global Space Organization has a vision of “To the Moon and Beyond.” In the pursuit of this vision, the GSO intends to enter numerous markets within the global space industry, gathering support and seeking advertising revenue to solidify our standing on the world stage. “On the Fringe” will be the GSO’s first media undertaking and will be the first GSO PR department milestone in pursuit of advancing humanity and solidifying our human presence on the moon and beyond.

“Our new age of technological advancements and our privatized push into space and space applications on a global scale, makes it probable not just possible, that space, will be open to many people, not just governments or the very rich. New corporations such as SpaceX, XCOR, Marsten Space, Blue Origin and UpAerospace are pushing the envelop and creating lower cost launch means. This will enable us, the Global Space Organization to forward its own goals of human advancement out into space.”

- Michael Brunn, Aide de Camp, Global Space Organization