Spreety Upgrades to Cloud Computing

Growth is a nice problem to solve.

Online PR News – 12-August-2009 – – Los Angeles, CA

Growth is a nice problem to have for any small business. What if your business went from 20 people a month to 200,000 a month in less than a year?

Spreety's Guide to Watch TV Shows Online (http://Spreety.com) did just that, and 5 server upgrades later, decided to try something new: cloud computing.

With traditional server upgrades, the process was labor and planning intensive. Typically, the upgrade would involve a code and data freeze, extensive reinstallation, and patience while the domain name updates trickled through the Internet. While the upside of traditional servers is control, the downside is that the hardware had to be expensive enough to handle the peaks of activity.

Enter the cloud computing server solution. The cloud is an amorphous collective of computing power that is inexpensive and handles peak activity gracefully. Billing is based on usage.

"For a growing business, we no longer have to buy powerful machines in anticipation of peaks," remarks Spreety co-founder Ron Laughton. "Spreety can now grow without interruption, and we simply pay as we go for only what we need."

The vendor of choice was Mosso's Rackspace Cloud. Other cloud solutions, such as Microsoft's Azure, are coming soon.