Kellsie’s Hope Foundation Raises Over $5,000 Via States of Hope Campaign

Local nonprofit meets their goal to help raise awareness of childhood cancers.

Online PR News – 02-November-2013 – MARYVILLE, Ill. – Kellsie’s Hope Foundation, a local nonprofit here that raises awareness of childhood cancers and assists families in need with gifting, funding trips and cancer research, has raised over $5,000 with their national fundraiser, States of Hope.

The nationwide program and fundraiser was inspired by Kellsie Marchbanks, a Maryville, Ill. native who lost her battle with a rare form of childhood cancer, Osteosarcoma, in June 2011, at the young age of 20.

“During Kellsie’s treatment at Children’s Hospital in St. Louis she developed a very close relationship with her Oncologist, Dr. Todd Druley,” says Dan Marchbanks, Kellsie’s father. “She wanted nothing more than to help raise money to help him with his research into childhood cancers such as her own. Kellsie spoke with Dr. Druley on several occasions on how she could help, but unfortunately, she passed away before she was able to see her wish carried through.”

Gail Marchbanks, Kellsie’s mother, went on to say that it has now become her mission and the mission of her entire family to make sure Kellsie’s wishes come to fruition.

“As my birthday present to Kellsie, I started the States of Hope campaign,” says Gail Marchbanks. “We started the campaign on her birthday, July 6, and continued through September 30, which happened to be the last day of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.”

The States of Hope campaign had a goal of receiving a donation from donors in all 50 states. They achieved their goal at 11:35 p.m. on September 30, at the very end of the campaign.

“Our inspiration came from the prayers we received from all over the country when Kellsie was battling cancer, says Marchbanks. “It moved me so much personally that I figured if we could receive prayers from someone in every state, how difficult would it be to turn those prayers into donations? It became my personal mission to see if we could receive a donation from every state as my gift to Kellsie.”

Marchbanks promoted the campaign via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. She created a map of the United States that was white, and when someone would donate from a state, that state would “turn” yellow. If a state had $200 or more in total donations, the state would “turn” pink. The ultimate goal was to turn every state pink by the end of the campaign.

Although the ultimate goal wasn’t reached, Marchbanks reports that every state in the union had a donation of some kind with total donations reaching $5,008.

“Honoring Kellsie’s wish to raise awareness of childhood cancer and raising funds for research through the States of Hope campaign is very near and dear to my heart,” says Gail Marchbanks. “This won’t bring my daughter back, but I have made it my mission to do whatever it takes to run this campaign each year as a birthday present to her.”

Kellsie’s Hope Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that was started in 2011 by Kellsie Marchbanks, after the return of her cancer and second rounds of treatments. Their mission is to lighten the load of families that have children suffering from cancer by offering support for trips and gifts that might otherwise be unattainable to a child with cancer.

Kellsie’s Hope Foundation is also dedicated to raising funds to support childhood cancer research and supporting the nursing field with a nursing scholarship each year.

Corporation and individuals making donations to Kellsie’s Hope Foundation can be assured that their donations will help to make the life of child with cancer a little easier and to support the goal of putting an end to childhood cancer.

To learn more about Kellsie’s Hope Foundation please visit their website at or contact Dan or Gail Marchbanks at 618-806-7459.