Orange County, CA Outpatient Drug Rehab Announces Expanded Services

The Orange County, CA outpatient-IOP drug rehab treatment center and mental health recovery service in Costa Mesa expands services in lieu of licensing approval

Online PR News – 02-November-2013 – Costa Mesa, California – South Coast Behavioral Health, an advanced and broad spectrum outpatient treatment center in Orange County, California providing rehabilitation for those struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, chemical dependency and mental health disorders, recently announced expanded IOP and residential-type recovery services in lieu of state licensing approval. The Costa Mesa, CA based treatment facility is now positioned as one of Southern California's most comprehensive substance abuse rehabilitation resources.

Having originally set out to offer a far more effective and in-depth outpatient drug, alcohol and mental health treatment service in North and Central Orange County, CA, South Coast Behavioral Health's recent approval for expanded state licensing has spurred a broadened network of services including, psychiatric services, medication management and as of most recent, an highly affordable alternative to traditional residential and inpatient treatment center services. States facility medical director, Dr. Nicole Poliquin, a board certified psychiatrist and neurologist with ASAM credentials, "Our model is such that we strive in every possible manner to reach new pinnacles in recovery that aim to shatter what I personally consider unacceptable success rates, but that have unfortunately become par for the course industry wide."

As stated on the facility website, the treatment approaches all center around a holistic and clinical protocol that have been shown to improve the quality of treatment by way of enabling clinicians to better address each underlying component shown to further perpetuate the addictive cycle. By integrating Dr. Poliquin's highly recognized psychiatric approaches within the overall therapeutic regimen, those with dual-diagnosis/co-occurring disorders, which recent medical advancements have shown to be substantially more prevalent than once thought, are able to better manage their new found sober lifestyles in a manner more conducive to attaining freedom from addiction and related afflictions. Says Dr. Poliquin in closing, "Unlike most typical outpatient treatment centers here in Orange County, CA, and as a matter of fact nationwide, our array of rehabilitation services are aimed at not only those with addiction and alcoholism as the primary malady, but likewise those too with co-occurring mental health disorders such as PTSD, generalized anxiety, clinical depression, ADD and much more."

Beginning in November of 2013 South Coast Behavioral Health will also be offering a very affordable alternative to traditional residential-inpatient treatment by teaming up with a local high-end, structured sober living residence and shuttling clients each day to their IOP facility where a full day of treatment services will be provided on a partially customized basis. The current lineup of recovery services now includes: Intensive Outpatient, Day Treatment, Partial Day Treatment, Case Management, Psychiatric Services, Medication Management and more.

For more information on South Coast Behavioral Health's scope of treatment options you may reach their staff 7 days a week toll free at (866) 811-5249 or visit their company website at