Expect More!: Remixing Training Modes, Media, and Design at Masie's Learning 2013 Conference

Allen’s industry experts will present and report on how to expect more from your training.

Online PR News – 04-November-2013 – SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Allen Communication’s CLO Michael Noble and CEO Ron Zamir will present “Expect More!: Remixing Training Modes, Media and Design” at Masie’s Learning2013 Conference. The annual conference, taking place November 3-6, brings learning professionals together to collaborate on improving techniques and leveraging innovative strategies.

Allen’s session, will be held at 11:15 EST Tuesday, November 5, will demonstrate how to make over stale web-based and instructor-led approaches by remixing them with new mobile technologies, social applications, motion graphics, and game-based strategies. Showcasing unconventional strategies, Noble and Zamir will explore techniques for creating surprising hybrids like the instructor-led, app-based simulation or the gamified-story-tutorial-turned-social mentoring program. They will also demonstrate how to create new recipes using Allen’s award winning iPad app, DesignJot.

Tired LMS

Zamir will also participate in Tuesday’s lunch panel, “Tired LMS,” to discuss why Learning Management Systems are not keeping up with the evolving nature of learning. Currently, most LMSs do not offer the personalization the industry is demanding. Along with other panelists, Zamir will discuss how organizations can leverage new technologies to get a custom-tailored solution at lower cost of ownership.

Allen’s Senior Design Consultants (SDC’s) will also be attending the conference to provide insights and updates on Learning2013 happenings. Before and during the conference, SDCs will provide blogs, case studies, and insights that will be available via the Allen webpage www.allencomm.com/masie2013. Both those attending and not attending can follow Allen on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to learn more as Allen experts weigh-in on new ideas, strategies, and tools that have strong and immediate real-world applications.

“Our team will present on how to take existing courses and make them more meaningful and engaging for today’s learners,” said Ron Zamir, CEO of Allen. “Instead of settling we should expect more and focus on improvements that directly impact our learners and the behaviors we are trying to influence. We invite you to follow our team as we participate and contribute to Masie’s Learning2013.”

For over 30 years, Allen has developed award-winning training solutions for the world’s best companies. Leveraging cutting edge technology to provide web-based training, blended training and mobile learning, as well as advanced LMS technology.

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