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Offgrid Outpost is now offering its Emergency Packs, which include a 72-hour supply of storable foods from Legacy Premium, a survival kit, first aid kit, and water filtration bottle.

Online PR News – 31-October-2013 – Corpus Chrisi, Texas, US – Offgrid Outpost, an online retailer of storable foods and other emergency and survival supplies, is now offering its Emergency Packs. Each pack includes a 72-hour supply of storable foods from Legacy Premium, a comprehensive survival kit, complete first aid kit, and water filtration bottle.

Economics experts from around the world are concerned about the stability of the US dollar and expect another banking crisis in the United States. Turd Ferguson, the owner and editor of, states that most US citizens will be surprised when the US falls from its position as the leading global economic power: “When all of the sudden food prices skyrocket, the value of investments plummet, that type of thing, that’s what’s really going to be the big shock for folks, as we transition into this new economic world.” Ferguson adds, “If the time ever comes that you need to stay home for a few days, you want to make sure that you can do that. So it’s preparing financially through the acquisition of sound money - gold and silver - but preparing materially, as well, through the acquisition of all your daily needs - water, a water filter, things like that - so that you’re prepared for what may not come tomorrow but is definitely coming some day.” (source:

Offgrid Outpost has created the Emergency Packs because it realizes people need a 72-hour preparedness kit, in case of a panic reaction from the public during another banking crisis. The Emergency Packs are also excellent solutions for extreme weather situations, when accessing a grocery store may not be feasible.

The Emergency Packs come in 3 sizes: Emergency Pack 32 with 72-hours of food and supplies for up to 3 individuals; Emergency Pack 60 for families with 4-5 persons; and Emergency Pack 120 for families with 6-8 persons. Prices start at $175.


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