Saint-Gobain's OmniSealĀ® Spring-Energized Seal Has Been Qualified for Chemical Injection Pumps

Saint-Gobain Seals Groupā€™s OmniSealĀ® spring-energized seal has been qualified as a dynamic seal in chemical injection pumps for the oil and gas industry.

Online PR News – 30-October-2013 – Garden Grove, CA – Saint-Gobain Seals Groupā€™s OmniSealĀ® spring-energized seal has been qualified as a dynamic seal in chemical injection pumps for the oil and gas industry. Chemical injection pumps are at the heart of pipeline injection systems and are also used in oil wells and natural gas production and transportation. These pumps are designed to inject selective chemicals from a reservoir onto pipelines or oil wells to facilitate the flow of pipeline content and improve production rate. Depending upon the operating environment, these positive displacement pumps can be gas driven or electric driven.

Conventional chemical injection pumps use elastomeric seals and packing elements to prevent the leakage of chemicals into the environment when chemicals are being pumped in the pipelines. However, as operating conditions become extreme with low temperature and aggressive chemicals, these seals tend to fail prematurely. As a result, chemicals escape to the environment; thereby, causing problems for pump operators. To avoid such situations, pump operators are required to replace the seals and repair the pumps constantly. In order to solve these challenges in low temperature and aggressive chemical environments, the Seals Group has developed and qualified a custom version of their OmniSealĀ® APS (Advanced Pitch Spring) seal. The multi-groove, spring-energized polymer seal utilizes an APS type spring and a polymer jacket (see 3D illustration) and seals against plunger shafts ranging from Ā¼ā€ to Ā½ā€ in diameter. In a typical operating environment, the shaft speed moves up to 16 strokes per minute and 1ā€ stroke length. The operating pressure can increase up to 3,000 psi (20,684 kPa) when sealing chemicals like methanol and other corrosion inhibitors are present.

In addition to the operating temperature ranging from -40Ā°F (-40Ā°C) to 104Ā°F (40Ā°C), the seal has to be wear resistant against a very hard and abrasive tungsten carbide shaft surface. To withstand these conditions, a proprietary FluoroloyĀ® material with excellent low temperature rating, wear-resistant capability and chemical compatibility was used. The use of these seals has resulted in significant reduction in friction against the shaft, power usage by the pump and overall chemical emission to the environment. These seals have also been used in secondary leak containment devices to prevent leakage of chemicals into the environment. The containment units are retrofitted into injection pumps that have resulted in leakage resulting from the use of conventional elastomeric seals or packing elements.

Distinctive benefits of the OmniSealĀ® APS seal include large wear allowance in the seal jacket, installation in closed glands without damaging the seal and high-performance when low friction in dynamic conditions is required. Aside from the APS design, OmniSealĀ® spring-energized seals are available in multiple designs such as 103A, Spring Ring II, 400A, RP II and RACOā„¢ 1100A and are also offered in various custom designs. These designs include seal jackets in various FluoroloyĀ® materials and springs in various configurations. The Seals Groupā€™s sealing solutions have been used in a variety of applications such as the Atlas V rocket engine (which launched the Mars Rover Curiosity into space), the only full-powered, reusable, battery-operated endoscopic stapler in the world, the worldā€™s first subsea gas compression station and environmentally-friendly industrial dyeing machines. The group also offers polymer solutions in the form of their MeldinĀ® 7000, MeldinĀ® HT and RulonĀ® product lines, which have also been used in space, aerospace, oil and gas, life sciences, automotive, electronics and industrial applications.

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