Haus And Garten Announces High Grade Trimmers

During a media conference, leaders of Haus and
Garten has confirmed the dependability of their top of the
line cutters in comparison with other company's products.

Online PR News – 31-October-2013 – Smithville/TN – During a media conference, executives of Haus and
Garten has confirmed the dependability of their top of the
line trimmers as compared to other competitors products.

During a media conference, executives of Haus and
Garten has confirmed the dependability of their top of the
line Trimmers as compared to other competitors products.

Haus and Garten executive Jeff Lane said swarm of
people are upset as they have spend a lot on supposed "professional" grade trimmers that often end up
rusting and become annoying after a several

"We're glad to introduce the Haus & Garten Professional
Series Barracuda Pruning Shears. With titanium coated blades, The Barracuda Shears really are professional grade;
and they're also easy to carry, incredibly sharp and very strong," he said.

The cutting edge is superb, and high quality to the steel blades of others, and
similar grade garden shears. Best of all, the Titanium blades are more
long lasting, stay sharper for longer with repeated a longer period of heavy use, and
they are specially treated to avoid corrosion for a lifetime.

Created for professional and home use, these classic style super
quality trimmers are the choice for the only
gardening challenges, and work equally well as hedge clippers, trimmers, or
simple garden trimmers. It is also built for hard use and these heavy-duty hand pruners are strong and
powerful to tackle tree limbs and orchards, whilst still precise enough for the most delicate
trimming of roses and plants.

Many years, he said, forged, hardened or stainless steel has been the measurement
of high performance pruning shears. until now. In fact, many people are now noticing the reliability of Haus and Garten products.

"We like to think of The Barracuda as the final evolution of the pruning shears. Attention to quality and
craftsmanship have come together to make the one of a kind garden tool.
Attention to quality goes into every phase of production, Superior materials and manufacturing processes ensure an
end product like no other on the market," Lane stressed.

For personal safety, you need a garden kneeler or kneeling pad, hand or mud gloves, field pants and vest, field jacket and a tank or summer shirt so you would feel comfortable, garden shorts, safety glasses, hearing protectors, a bandana probably with insect shield (if desired, for women), dirt apron, a rain hat and lawn aerator sandals.

To make your garden job less stressful due to constant moving around , you need kneeler tool pouches, pocket snips, a tool belt, a water-proof field bag, a hollow leg tote and a long-handled wand.

You also need a compost aerator, a landscape designer’s book to help you go through all the works in the garden correctly, a pruner treatment, a garden accessory kit and storage box, tree stakes and grips.

Jeff Lane is a product endorser of Haus and Garten, distributor of Barracuda Bypass Pruning Shears. He is also a gardening enthusiasts during his spare time and would love to do activities indoor.