Free Online Event Registration with Conference Registration Software from eventsbot

eventsbot’s Conference Registration Software with New Features Available Now

Online PR News – 31-October-2013 – UK, London, October 30, 2013 – eventsbot has introduced a holistically new concept of free online event registration, paving the way and creating revolution in the realm of events ticket booking and events management. The software is packed with amazing and easy to use features.

The innovative conference registration software will let the event managers add and edit their company’s logo, change the event location, copy an event, updater the personal info, include the fresh attendee list and much more.

The marketing manager at eventsbot opined “we have introduced smart free online event registration process facilitated through the conference registration software. Our online event registration software is designed to make the events happen without any kind of snarl ups. We want the event managers to remain burden and stress free.”

The event registration software is free, but has comprehensive functional elements that are effective and great to get around with. All information remains secured. The event managers can also modify their email accounts and payment making and collection is simple.

Hosting and managing of events will not mean lot of time investment. Using the online event registration software, official conferences and seminars can be organized in less of time and without going into any discrepancies. The benefits of free online events booking software are beneficial to user.

What a User Has to Say

I used the event management software form eventsbot and it offered me a time saving opportunity as I could easily arrange the events, book them. But that wasn’t just all! I could also keep track of the past events and without going through any problems. I‘d like you to try once!

eventsbot is a next generation and innovative web based software provider that will make eventsbot big and successful. Whether it is about events registration or conference registration, the software from eventsbot can make it happen. The events management software is a great choice to go with several other special events like musical concerts, award functions, as well as G-local seminars. The event registration software from eventsbot will make it easy or free online event registration. eventsbot software is simple to use and registration of events can be done from anywhere. Planning the events can be done effectively, and eventsbot made it happen.