Rising Enterprise KM Star – KnowledgeBase Manager Pro Now with LDAP

Web-Site-Scripts Company, Leading KM System Provider, announced corporate version of knowledge base software.

Online PR News – 12-August-2009 – – Web-Site-Scripts Company, the global leader in knowledge management software, announced today that version 5.1.1 of knowledge base system – KnowledgeBase Manager Pro is available now. By that very fact the company has confirmed its ability make releases of this product on regular basis.

This time corporate users’ needs in automatic integration of knowledge base software into existing organization infrastructure have been satisfied. “LDAP protocol allows KnowledgeBase Manager Pro connect to corporate Directory Service, in particular - to the list of employees’ accounts. Hereby knowledge management software allows users authenticate in corporate knowledge base using their existing login and password”, says Igor Dobritskiy, CTO of Web-Site-Scripts Company. “If there are 5000 of employees in organization, creation of separate account for everyone becomes a resource-demanding task. Now you can resolve it by single mouse click.”

New function supports all directory services, including:
* Microsoft Active Directory
* Novell eDirectory
* Open LDAP
* Posix Account RFC2307
* Posix Account RFC2307BIS
* Samba

Corporations pay more attention to knowledge management nowadays. In the current crisis it becomes competitive advantage and everybody seek to embrace it. KnowledgeBase Manager Pro represents professional knowledge base management system and is oriented on corporate sector. Company representatives report that technical support department grew twice for last six months to provide maximum attention to customers.

“We’re carrying permanent dialogue with customers. We’re getting lots of information regarding real needs from them and researching integration ability of KnowledgeBase Manager Pro with their projects. It’s the third version of our product since last December, and we’re expecting another version soon. It will feature powerful search engine that increases relevancy of sought-for information drastically”, says Edward Nikolaev, Head of Support Department of Web-Site-Scripts Company.

Web-Site-Scripts Company helps its clients to change approach to organization and management of data in a fundamental way, thus enable organizations to increase their activities effectiveness in modern dynamic environment. Web-Site-Scripts Company integrates solutions in areas of business knowledge management, business wiki software, FAQ & customer support software, etc. in a single product – KnowledgeBase Manager Pro. For additional information on the km software by Web-Site-Scripts Company visit www.web-site-scripts.com/knowledge-management/

About Web-Site-Scripts Company:
Web-Site-Scripts Company, the leader in knowledge base management software, makes it possible for any business to accumulate and use knowledge, thus reduce expenses on customer support and increase by up to 50% decision-making quality, staff agility, and company reaction speed to changes of market needs. New products development cycle decreases by 20% in average. Company focus on modern technologies that increase software performance and provide users with rich user interface allowed Web-Site-Scripts to take a dominant position on market and have more than 30’000 clients over the world.

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