Joe Mozelesky Releases New Book for Pre-order on How to Create Your Own Software as a Service App

Joe Mozelesky, master technologist and professional consultant, brings readers behind the scenes into the next wave of innovation in Main Street America in his new book SaaSpreneur.

Online PR News – 30-October-2013 – Souderton, PA – Joe Mozelesky, master technologist and professional consultant, today announced that his upcoming book SaaSpreneur is available immediately for pre-order on The book will be released on Nov. 29, 2013 on It presents a compelling argument for SaaS – software as a service – as a means for individuals to build an asset and small businesses to add a service line that provides recurring revenue. The book is a complete and straightforward guide on how to conceive, launch and grow a niche SaaS application in the internet cloud.

President Barack Obama, in support of National Entrepreneurship Month, said “America is known around the world as a country that empowers the inventor and the innovator. Ours is a Nation where men and women can take a chance on a dream — where they can take an idea that starts around a kitchen table or in a garage and turn it into a new business or a new industry.”

The Gartner Group expects the cloud applications market to eclipse $30 billion dollars by 2016. “I believe SaaS represents a greenfield opportunity to respark innovation in America,” Mozelesky said. He added, “Cloud applications have never been more accessible, as costs have continued to come down and hosted infrastructure has become commonplace.”

As opposed to the venture capital backed startups that are often documented, SaaSpreneur presents a more practical approach for the bedroom entrepreneur sitting at a kitchen table or the small business owner seeking additional growth opportunities.

Title: SaaSpreneur: The Complete Guide to Launching a SaaS Cloud App
Author: Joe Mozelesky
ISBN: 978-1493609161
$22.95 List price paperback, pre-order available at
Media kit and additional information at

Joe Mozelesky has worked in software for 20 years, in professional consulting, software publishing, and a hardware/software product company. He is a highly motivated, creative and intelligent thinker. That, combined with a streak of digital marketing and website creation, have resulted in a series of websites, videos and books as his “art”.