J. Gambande Creates Completely New Art Genre Using Inkscape as His Only Tool

J. Gambande is a growing artist who has created a new art genre. His artwork is becoming popular as his number of fans increase day by day. He uses the internet to take his artwork to the world.

Online PR News – 26-June-2010 – – Buenos Aires, Argentina - J. Gambande is a highly enthusiastic vector artist. He has created a unique style of his own by using Inkscape as his only tool. Growing popularity of J. Gambande has increased the demand for his artwork. As an artist that wants to set his own trends, J. Gambande tries to present colorful life without shadows. J. Gambande took upon this challenging style ever since he started out as an artist. It is not that easy to show light without using shadows just by the use of colors. He achieves the desired results by distorting shapes with powerful colors. No known artist has used such a unique style in their work. This uniqueness makes the artwork of J. Gambande increasingly popular.
He does not limit his themes to any specific area, though he is very faithful to his unique style. He works on all aspects of nature and indoors. His artwork is gaining international popularity. Copies of his work can be ordered online (http://www.jgambande.com) and those who want original copies of his artwork can place their orders by contacting this artist by email.
J. Gambande is basically from Buenos Aires, Argentina and he is an engineer by profession. As an engineer, he has been traveling far and wide. He has lived in South America, Brazil, Bolivia and several other countries. Though he is an engineer by profession, he always wanted to be a renowned artist. Being a contemporary artist, he uses the internet to spread his artwork. He found Help-2-Succeed as one of the best ways of taking his art to the world. Many people are finding his work interesting, because it is totally different from the conventional art forms. The internet has given many art lovers access to his artwork.
J. Gambande is a full time artist. Having found a new and the most effective way to reach out to the world through his artwork, he is now working on lot of new paintings. Another specialty of this artist is that he uses just Inkscape to create his artwork. He works only with digital art. While describing his art, J. Gambande shares, “My challenge is to show light without using shadows, only with color. I like to distort shapes to be more expressive and combine this with vibrant colors that can express the light without blacks and whites.”
For more information please visit http://www.jgambande.com