Davy Crockett Returns to the Silver Screen with a New Independent Film Seeking Public Support!

Once not long ago, Davy Crockett inspired millions of people around the world. Now, a group of talented young filmmakers is attempting to resurrect, re-imagine and re-introduce the King of the frontier to a whole new generation. First they need the public's support to do it.

Online PR News – 30-October-2013 – Vancouver, British Columbia – Fans of Davy Crockett, Adventure Cinema and Independent Film;

Beginning Monday, October 28th, a dedicated team of independent filmmakers and local actors will give audiences their first glimpse of footage from Crockett, a new film project that promises to re-introduce audiences the world over to the one and only Davy Crockett.

This is a unique and brand new take on the legendary frontiersman, one that audiences have not seen before. The teaser is part preview, part behind the scenes fundraising video to support a new Indie GoGo campaign to support a concept trailer’s completion, which will be used to secure financing for a theatrical low budget feature film.

Much of the same team came together to bring audiences the award winning Riverdale: The Archie Movie Trailer back in 2011, which renewed interest in Archie Comics by re-imagining him in a darkly satirical cinematic world. Crockett is the spiritual sequel to that concept trailer, and the filmmakers are attempting something incredibly ambitious for an independent film production, creating a new take on the character that today’s young audiences will enjoy as much as their parents and grandparents.

Director Andrew de Villiers (Secret Liaison, Riverdale) and star Ty Olsson (Supernatural, Defying Gravity) aim to re-image Davy Crockett by sharing an adventure with audiences that is one part fantasy inspired by Davy’s own tall tales and one part historical origin story. The combination promises to be exciting, moving and epic in scale and imagination.

But before fans will get to see the final film, the filmmakers need public support to finish the concept trailer that will be pitched to production companies in Vancouver, Los Angeles and Toronto. Most of the filming has already been completed, but there is more filming to do and post production (editing, sound design, visual effects) before the final product will be ready for production companies.

The IndieGoGo campaign will run for 41 days in total, and aims to raise $10,000 for finishing costs and further development of the feature film. Fans can receive some great perks from the production, including signed memorabilia and even Davy’s famous Coon Skin hat.

Production Stills, Director’s Statement, Cast Biographies, Concept Art and Crockett’s first teaser are all available on at www.crockettmovie.com, which will re-direct fans to the IndieGoGo campaign.


The Crockett Team