Golf Instructor Rich Greenwood Posts Video On Proper Hand Action

Rich Greenwood, Director of Instruction at Tour Golf in Agoura Hills, California posted a YouTube video on how to get the Proper Hand Action into impact to get the desired Forward Shaft Lean.

Online PR News – 29-October-2013 – Agoura Hills, California – Rich Greenwood, Director of Instruction at Tour Golf in Agoura Hills, California, talks about the proper hand action and the cause and effect it can have on the golf swing. He describes many reasons why someone may flip the club through impact or have poor hand action. Rich feels the ball position could be too far back in the stance or club face can be too open going back and through. Or simply bringing the club too much from the inside into impact and having to flip the club head over. Rich demonstrates in the video what a flip looks like. He shows the body as it comes into the hitting area and how it has to slow down so the club face can have time to square up. Which results in flipping the club through and losing the rhythm between the left arm (the lead arm) and the shaft. He feels this requires too much timing into impact.

Rich says, "In order to have the proper hand action or forward shaft lean the hands need to lead the club head into impact. To achieve the Proper Hand Action the hands stay forward of the club to allow the body to square the club up. Once the club gets past the hit the left arm or lead arm is in line with the shaft. What that is going to do is result in keeping the club face squarer longer which is going to produce straighter, longer consistent hits. From there the body rotates into the finish."

Rich goes on to demonstrate in the video how to keep the hands in front of the club head coming into impact. One of his thoughts are to push the heel of the right hand up against the thumb of the left hand and keep on pushing it through impact. This enables the player to maintain the angle between the back of the right arm and back of the right wrist which maintains that nice bend. He feels this will allow the body to rotate through the hitting area and keep the arms and body in sync.

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