The Martinez Law Firm Now Offers DWI Defense Services in Harris County

The Martinez Law Firm has extensive experience in working with judges, prosecutors, and others in matters related to DUI cases.

Online PR News – 30-October-2013 – Houston, TX – DWI is a serious offense in Texas. Anyone charged with such a crime ought to take it with a great amount of gravity. The penalties if one is found guilty of DWI can include a very high fine or even jail time. However, there is a difference between being charged with a DWI and being actually convicted of it. The state must prove its case. And it must do so in a court of law.

Being arrested or cited with the drunk driving in Texas allows you to choose your own legal representation. The Martinez Law Firm is an expert DWI attorney in Houston who can help anyone who has been charged with drunk driving and put forward an effective legal defense. Mr. Martinez has worked in the Harris County legal system for over a decade. He has extensive experience in working with judges, prosecutors, and others in matters related to DUI cases.

It is vital that a criminal litigator have the basics of a law degree and court experience in order to be effective. However, more important than these is the extent to which such an attorney has built up his relationships to the persons who form the backbone of the local legal institutions in which he works. Mr. Martinez knows well all of the court officers of Harris County, Texas. He has deep professional relationships with all of the individuals who, taken together, do much to determine the outcome of any particular case. This gives The Martinez Law Firm a distinct advantage in presenting a client's case before the court. Mr. Martinez has the benefit of not only knowing the particular circumstances of his client's case and what is stipulated in the law regarding it, he also knows how the judges and public prosecutors tend to think and view things. This enables him to frame the case and shape his arguments in a way that will best benefit his client.

But professional relationships and legal expertise are still not sufficient for a win. A good lawyer must also establish a bond of trust with his client. Confidentiality is one of the most important cornerstones of legal practice. It is so because attorneys must know everything that is relevant to the case in order to formulate the most forceful arguments on behalf of the client; also, to prepare adequate counter-arguments to the presentation of facts that, seen in a certain light, may be against the client.

Mr. Martinez considers the formation of a proper relationship with his clients to be a top priority. At the end of the day, he understands that he is helping people: that he is undertaking an effort to exonerate someone who is not guilty of what they have been charged with doing, or helping someone who may have made a mistake to get their lives back. Establishing a relationship that is solid and lasting is essential to getting an outcome that is favorable to the client. The Martinez Law Firm works from the very beginning to establish such trust, so that the client receives the fairest verdict possible.