Padded Motorcycle Trousers and Motorcycle Gloves are out on the Sale from 53 Moto

Online PR News – 29-October-2013 – UK, London, Oct 29, 2013 – 53 Moto Store has announced cool range of motorcycle trousers and motorcycle gloves that are a complete fit for the motorcyclists of any size and height. The online store has made sincere efforts and focused on quality, besides bringing out new possibilities and variations to suit different interest groups. At 53Moto, the accessories and gloves are available for prominent motorcycle brands.

Motorcycle enthusiasts can opt for Spidi gloves like alu-tech h2out, carbo winter, class h2out, class h2out, class lady, combat glove, motorrad h2out, nk3 h2out, submariner h2out, t-winter, spidi trophy ii glove, spidi voyager h2out glove etc. There are also exclusive line of leather pants like spidi magic leather lady, spidi new naked, spidi rr pro lady, spidi rr pro leather pant, spidi teker lady pant, spidi teker leather pant and many more.

The 53Moto Store’s Sales Manager pointed out, “our motorcycle trousers and motorcycle gloves are designed not for the fashion and life style, but they bring an element of functionality and whole new experience in motorcycling. The trousers and gloves have been designed with the objective of lending full proof security to the motorcyclists on the roads, hinterlands and driveways. “53 Moto always takes the interest in creating the best line of motorcycle accessories that are value for money.

With the new and sophisticated range of gloves and trousers from 53Moto, one cannot miss the pleasure of motorcycling. The new range can be shopped anytime from the 53Moto secured online store and feel the difference in motorcycling.

What Buyer Has to Say

I ordered a pair of motorcycle trousers and motorcycle gloves from 53Moto and these gave me a comfortable sense of driving. What’s more, I also got a good price saving offer. Now that‘s what I call the double bonanza and I truly feel a lucky motorcyclist more than just anything else.

53 Moto is a one stop shop for stylish range of motorcycle gloves and accessories that have been included in store listing keeping in view the minds and sentiments of new age motorcyclists. The store houses huge range of motorcycle accessories, all of which are from the leading brands and add value to the motorcycle biking. With 53Moto, you can shop for anything and everything to satiate your motorcycling needs.
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