Mobile Network Operator in Ghana chooses SIM & Number Management from Mobile-Technologies Co., Ltd

Ghana carrier optimizes efficiency of SIM and Number Management with new fully automated iSM solution from Mobile-Technologies Co., Ltd.

Online PR News – 29-October-2013 – Bangkok, Thailand – A leading provider of advanced telecom solutions, Mobile-Technologies Co., Ltd, has been chosen by a prominent mobile operator in Ghana as the answer to a growing need for an efficient and automated SIM and number management system. The increase of mobile users, in Ghana like elsewhere, is making the handling of millions of SIM data records extremely complex. Most network operators use manual processes, exposing themselves to costly production and inventory mistakes, loss of data integrity across multiple infrastructure components, and the potential duplication of SIM card records.

The Intelligent SIM Management solution (iSM) is a highly sought-after SIM and number management system that deals with all aspects of the SIM and number lifecycle for the mobile operators. iSM helps the sourcing of SIM cards by automating the collection of all data required prior to production, securing of transportation, warehousing, distribution, and finally the SIM provisioning and activation. A key feature is on-demand provisioning for the operator to optimize the limited available mobile numbers.

“Creating a purchase order for half a million SIM cards usually takes days for an operator, whereas with iSM this time is reduced to minutes while avoiding human error in the process.” said Eli Hem Jensen, CEO, Mobile-Technologies Co., Ltd.

Ghana is the first African country with a mobile penetration over 100%, and according to the National Communications Authority, it reached 25 million mobile subscribers this year. Access to mobile numbers is restricted and their recycling is business critical.

Mobile-Technologies Co., Ltd provides advanced services and solutions for wireless operators across the globe. We cumulate years of experience in SIM lifecycle management, customer registration, SIM provisioning and activation, prepaid vouchers management and dealers management. For more information: