Teczo Goes Beyond the Limit of Collaboration Platform with the New Channel Management Module

Teczo’s new module, Channel Management, offers a revolutionary approach to enable teams within an organization and people outside the company to collaborate on projects, share knowledge, manage documents and track employees' attendance.

Online PR News – 26-June-2010 – – Teczo.com, Inc. (Teczo), a leading Software-as-a-Service provider of a web-based enterprise collaboration platform to small and medium sized businesses worldwide, announced on June 23, 2010 that it has launched a new module, Channel Management, that aims at expanding its platform’s capability in building a more collaborative work environment.

Teczo’s existing modules have focused on enabling distributed individuals and teams to work together seamlessly and collaboratively within an organization. With the introduction of the Channel Management module, companies are now able to unite not only teams in different geographical locations, but also the staff members from third parties, such as distributors, resellers, and customers on the same collaborative platform. Built on a SaaS model, the new module offers a secure and central place for these parties to track projects, share knowledge, manage documents, and track time and attendance.

Suppliers of goods and services (“principals”), e.g. of electronic components, computer peripherals, garments, consumer products, etc, may appoint other companies (“channel partners”) to help them distribute their products to the market. With the traditional approach, the potential of a good or service may not be fully realized because of factors such as imperfect information or knowledge about exclusivity, region, suggested retail price, commission rates, quotas, agreements, or a channel partner’s pre- and post-sales services nullified by another channel partner undercutting price. The Channel Management module allows extensive collaboration between the principals and channel partners, allowing channel partners to register customers, products or regions and allowing the exchange of information amongst different parties. Principals can give advice to channel partners and channel partners can make requests – and everything will be documented and only a search and a click away. Additionally, with the help of sophisticated access rights settings, users can even determine which parties have access to which specific piece of information, saving precious time for individuals and further improving the overall process efficiency.

“Launching the Channel Management module is a milestone for Teczo,” stated Chi Ho Wong, Teczo.com’s CEO. “Traditional collaboration tools are mostly designed for internal use only due to security problem or licensing issue. Teczo has overcome this limitation by creating a flexible online environment that allows independent access from outside the company while ensuring the smooth flow of information and security of data. This revolutionary feature will strengthen Teczo’s leading position among providers of web-based enterprise collaboration platform.”

Organizations using Teczo.com Enterprise or Enterprise Plus edition will be able to access Channel Management module by the end of June.

For more details, visit http://www.teczo.com or send an email to info@teczo.com.


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Teczo.com, Inc. (Teczo) provides small and medium-sized businesses with a web-based enterprise collaboration platform, which fosters information flow within an organization and enables distributed individuals and teams to work together seamlessly and productively in a secure central environment.

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