Restaurant Accessibility Featured in Disabled Actor Danny Murphy's New Online Program

Danny Murphy who has appeared in "There's Something About Mary," "Kingpin" and the upcoming "Dumb and Dumber To" rolls into Delray Beach restaurants in "Rollin with Murph" on The Food It's all about food, people, and accessibility.

Online PR News – 29-October-2013 – Delray Beach, FL – Major motion picture talent Danny Murphy is rolling into Delray Beach restaurants, literally and figuratively. The actor who has been a chair user since the age of 21 is the host of a new program on The Food called "Rollin with Murph." The program has Mr. Murphy interviewing the owners and staff, sampling the food and beverages...even singing with the band. But more importantly, the show provides people with mobility challenges with an inside look at how easy, or challenging it may be to enjoy the dining experience.

"The show is for everyone and for the most part focuses on the people and the food that make the restaurant unique" said Mr. Murphy. "The other part of the show takes an inside look at the overall accessibility of the establishment for those with mobility challenges. From parking, to getting in the building, to restroom accessibility. All very important components to an enjoyable dining experience" Murphy added.

In the most recent episode, Danny visits Bella Amici at Delray Marketplace in Delray Beach, FL. It's a fun show, complete with a test for the owners on Danny's previous movie roles which they do not fare particularly well in. It's all good however, as Danny samples the best New York style pizza in Florida, and chases it down with a refreshing Italian ale.

Show sponsor Carey Britton of Active Mobility in Pompano, Fl sees the program as a win/win for consumers and restaurants alike.

"We service a wide range of mobility challenged people, from those who have suffered an accident, to those just getting up there in age, and we know how important their independence is" said Mr. Britton. "A program that shares what the challenges are is an extreme value for anyone with a mobility related issue. And for restaurants, finding out how they can do a better job of making their business more accessible can lead to increased sales and profits. The disabled community now makes up over 20% of the population and these are people who have disposable incomes and love to go out and eat" Mr. Britton concluded.

The show is for everyone and for the most part focuses on the people and the food that make the restaurant unique

For Danny Murphy, it's another way to continue his effort to create opportunity and awareness for the disabled community. From leadership initiatives, building an accessible yacht, and his involvement in the recently released and critically acclaimed documentary "Cinemability," Danny Murphy knows the value of independence.

Danny broke his vertebra while swimming in his hometown of Boston, with childhood friend Pete Farrelly. Pete pursued his passion for film making and along with his brother Bobby, made their first film, "Dumb and Dumber." Danny attended the premier and was asked afterwards by Pete what he thought of the movie. Danny's response was; "It was great, but there were no people in the movie with a disability."

From that point forward, Pete Farrelly has featured Danny and others with disabilities in almost every movie he has made, including "There's Something About Mary" "Kingpin" "Stuck on You" "Hall Pass" and "Me, Myself and Irene." Danny also has the distinction of being one of the few (If not only) disabled actors to play a non-disabled character as he did in "Shallow Hal" "Osmosis Jones" and "Say it Isn't So."

"The movies with Pete are amazing, and I am excited to have a role in "Dumb and Dumber To" said Mr. Murphy. "But I am equally as excited to be filming the "Rolling with Murph" episodes. We show the audience the entire experience from parking to eating the featured meal. I also get to share insight with restaurant owners on how they can improve the experience. In one restaurant, I suggested some low top tables in the bar area so chair users can enjoy the same experience as able bodied patrons. Sometimes it's as simple as signage, or training staff on how to assist a person with a mobility challenge."

But of course, as with all programs on The Food Beat, a sense of humor is key.

"We always have fun and do some off the wall stuff to keep it entertaining" Murphy said. "In one episode, the staff mistakes me for Brad Pitt and in another I get to sing "Danny Boy" with a real Irish band."

You can watch Danny and see all the amazing Delray Beach restaurants he visits on The Food

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