Content Marketing 'SEO Cocktail' Proves a Powerful Tool For Increasing Search Engine Rankings and Conversions

Content marketing and SEO copywriting firm SEO Content Solutions, serves up the 'SEO Cocktail' designed to increase search engine rankings and conversions.

Online PR News – 12-March-2009 – – Leading SEO Copywriting and content marketing firm SEO Content Solutions has announced its search engine marketing elixir, the 'SEO Cocktail.' The SEO cocktail, tested and studied for a full 12 months, has proven its ability to obtain multiple first page search engine rankings and drive qualified leads.

The SEO cocktail concoction consists of 1 part optimized HubPage, 1 part optimized SlideShare slideshow, 1 part SEO press release, and 1 part syndicated article. When written and linked strategically, and when built upon a foundation of honest-to-goodness high quality useful content, the SEO cocktail packs a powerful punch.

"As a result of the SEO Cocktail, we currently dominate 3 spots on the search engine rankings for our target keywords – and each of these results drives quality, targeted leads," says Christine O'Kelly, founder of SEO Content Solutions.

"The most critical factor that drives the success of the SEO cocktail is a foundation of high quality, useful content that provides real value to readers. No SEO strategy can ever compensate for providing real value to readers," said Tara Geissinger, Vice President of SEO Content Solutions.

SEO Content Solutions strategizes with clients about content marketing topics based on the client’s online goals and keywords and develops high quality content to publish online. By leveraging cross linking in strategic anchor text links, the content marketing pieces work in tandem to gain visibility for each piece and the client's own website.

"The SEO Cocktail is a fast and powerful concoction for businesses seeking ways to bring more visibility to their products and services and dominate multiple positions in the search engine rankings with their content," says O'Kelly.

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About SEO Content Solutions: SEO Content Solutions ( is a leading provider of online content specifically designed to increase search engine rankings. Clients include individual companies as well as large SEO and web development firms. All of the company’s SEO copywriters are trained and certified. The company is passionate about producing quality content that is optimized for both search engines and humans.

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