CanadaQBank Launches MCCEE Test Prep App for Windows

CanadaQBank has recently launched a test prep app for Windows users who are preparing to take the MCCEE.

Online PR News – 31-October-2013 – Alberta Canada – Future doctors will have another way to prepare for their exams thanks to a new test prep app released by CanadaQBank. This app will allow Windows users to get some extra preparation for the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination, also known as the MCCEE.

MCCEE preparation is historically difficult for medical students, and any advantage they can find will be a welcome one. The new MCCEE app offers access to more than 3,700 questions, giving students a feel for what will appear on their exam. By carefully going through the MCCEE practice questions, those who are about to undergo their medical licensing exam will reduce the chance of something catching them off-guard. Just like in the medical field, the fewer surprises somebody experiences, the better their chance of success.

In addition to the wide offering of questions for MCCEE preparation, the app includes the ability to compare your scores with other people’s, finding out exactly how you place among the rest of the medical community. The program offers timed and un-timed tutor modes, allowing a chance to tailor the study method to each student’s learning preferences. Detailed analysis tools and the chance to examine an overall cumulative performance offer a chance to track improvement through the preparation.

Being able to take full advantage of the MCCEE preparation app requires a user to first register with and subscribe on the website. Once the subscription is complete, however, the MCCEE app can be accessed using the Windows Surface App. As a whole, this is an easy-to-use program that can potentially increase test scores and improve overall preparation.

About the Company:

CanadaQBank is an online test preparation service that focuses on aiding students in the medical licensing exams of Canada and the United States. The company is particularly well-known for the expertise and accuracy of its study guides, with many successful cases of helping students pass their licensing exams. For more information please visit>.

CanadaQBank® is an online test preparation service for the medical licensing exams of Canada and the United States. The features, accuracy and expertise in question and case creation will give a user the very best studying experience available to pass the Medical Council of Canada and United States medical licensing exams. Thousands of medical students and physicians worldwide use CanadaQBank to help them prepare for the MCCEE, the MCCQE Part 1, the MCCQE Part 2 and the USMLE.

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