Express Cleaning Supplies Offers Window Cleaning Equipment To Tackle Even The Smallest Of Jobs

From supplies for the general home owner, to those looking to re-stock for their commercial window cleaning business, Express Cleaning Supplies now offer a vast range of window cleaning products, all available to buy online.

Online PR News – 28-October-2013 – London, UK – Express Cleaning have obtained a full range of cleaning equipment that run the full gamut of cleaning services from the cleaning of carpets and floors to the full industrial cleaning jobs, this supply can range from the one man business to the large cleaning enterprises as well as the single home owner. It has taken Express Cleaning quite some time to develop the best of the ranges and it is an ever changing process as the manufacturing industries come up with modern improvements of the equipment of the past but it is very proud of the present range of cleaning supplies. Window cleaning has stayed fairly static in comparison to some industries and is still fairly backwards in its approach to the work concerned. This is partly because the industry is very competitive and the price of the tools of the trade have to be kept small to maximise profits and secondly that there is still no serious mechanical method of cleaning windows easily. Also a lot of window cleaning products are owned and maintained by the home owner or the companies' own workforce who cannot afford and have no need for expensive equipment.

However Express Cleaning is pleased to be able to supply the WV50 Karcher Window Cleaner Vacuum which is a mechanical tool that will clean the window with water and detergent and the window cleaner vacuum will then smooth clean the surface and vacuum any excess water into a chamber in the Cleaner itself. The WV50 Karcher Vacuum Window Cleaner is a portable piece of equipment with a battery that will last 20 minutes. Any professional usage will require a fast charger and spare batteries as the re charging time is around 2 hours. The vacuum cleaner will store around 100 millilitres of waste water. Express Cleaning notes that the WV50 Karcher Window Cleaner Vacuum will clean any flat surface so it is useful for cleaning mirrors and kitchen or bathroom tiles as well as windows. The advantage that this system has is that it does not leave any dirty streaks on the surface when it has finished the job.

This may at first seem to be a piece of equipment that is not useful to the professional as they like the operation to be faster but in fact there is a major area where it can be used and that is internal window cleaning. So often this area proves problematical as any excess water runs down the window to the floor and carpet area. A good window cleaner can sort this out but the WV50 Karcher Window Cleaner Vacuum provides a system where the excess water is taken off during the cleaning process. This makes internal window cleaning a far easier job than before and one, which any window cleaner who is set up with this equipment will be delighted to do.

Express Cleaning Supplies - - will be delighted to supply this piece of equipment as well as any of the window cleaning equipment which is on the market today, ranging from ladders to extending poles to all the chemicals and cleaning squeegees and rubbers.

Express Cleaning Supplies are one of the UK's leading suppliers of commercial cleaning equipment, machinery and products.

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