Insta Finish Unveils New Range Of Car Air Fresheners

Stepping in a bad smelling car can become a nightmare for the driver and the passengers alike. With the new range of car air fresheners from Insta Finish, one can keep bad odors of the car under control and make journey a lot more enjoyable.

Online PR News – 28-October-2013 – Gardena, California, CA – California, USA, 28 October 2013: Insta Finish, a Gardena CA-based company, which has already established itself as one of the world leaders in emulsion engineering, has come up with a host of new and innovative car air deodorizers, to the delight of all car lovers. Insta Finish has already established a great brand recognition and has established a worldwide reputation for its innovative and high quality range of car care products.

A company spokesperson stated, “With a range of new car air fresheners joining the already rich plethora of car care products at Insta Finish, car lovers will not have to go from shop to shop finding the right car care products for their vehicle. All they will have to do is to visit the Insta Finish online store and find all the car care products they have always wanted on the same website.”

One of the biggest consumables that drivers and car lovers are always looking for are good car deodorizers and odor eliminators. After all, nobody wants to step into a car, which smells of sweat, smoke and the hamburger that you had yesterday while on the wheel. The new range unveiled by Insta Finish features technologically advanced odor controllers and cleaners that are designed specifically for use on hard surfaces and car carpets. The air fresheners combine the features of a unique chemical makeup that immediately removes bad odors and gives long lasting freshness, with the deep cleaning benefits of modern biotechnology. The odor controllers feature naturally found microbes that degrade organic compounds, which usually are the reason behind bad odors. The microbes turn these compounds into odorless compounds and elements such as water and carbon dioxide.

The company spokesperson further added, “The new range of car deodorizers feature a unique mix of natural and artificial fragrances and natural oils that ensure a long lasting fragrance. Moreover, these deodorizers control all undesirable smells such as that of cigarettes, sweat, decomposing food, dog and other pets.”

The company’s new range of air fresheners is available in different aromas for different tastes. Car lovers are able to make use of delightful and fresh fragrances such as Lemon, Cherry, Leather, Citrus, Mint, Bubble Gum and Jasmine, among other fragrances. Insta Finish has a reputation of selling just the best quality car care products and the new range of car air fresheners is no exception. Air fresheners can also be used in your bedroom, kitchen, RVs, toilet, and other places prone to bad odors. Here is more information on car deodorizer they offer.

About Insta Finish:

Insta Finish is a Gardena, California-based company, which offers some of the finest car care products in the world. The company also offers custom blending and reverse engineering services. For more information about the company’s latest bubble gum air freshener, head over to this link. One can also procure from the company products like compounds, degreasers, dressings, glazes, polishes, etc.

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